Born and raised in England, daughter of a Royal Air Force WWII Spitfire fighter pilot. We travelled a lot, and spent several years in the U.S. on an exchange posting. Upon our return to England, my father decided to retire and we returned to America as legal immigrants. I've been here ever since, utilizing my education at the London Business School in Business Administration. My last many years have been as owner of my own pet-sitting service, Dog Kisses Camp, where I kept extremely busy in the Bay Area in California helping people with dog training, walking, dog park visits, boarding, day care, and overnights at clients' homes. Since relocating to Manor, Texas four-and-a-half years ago, I have been semi-retired, but still help with taking care of a few dogs and cats for friends and clients locally when they travel. It is my passion. I brought my poodle, kitty whom I sadly lost at age 18 in October of 2020, and my horse, Ebony Chance, sired by my stallion, Sir Ebony Chance, with me to Texas. I love it here and have never regretted leaving California! My son followed me for a job two year after I relocated, so I have one family member close by which is nice. My daughter and grandchildren are still in California, but pay visits when they can!
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