The Republican Army
The Republican Army
This Group has been made for us Patriot Republicans of the Republic of The United States Of America who love are freedom and the constitution, Freedom Of speech and our 2nd amendment to the rights to keep and bear arms as free American citizens, and for the love of GOD and country and our mighty flag of the stars and strips that are for ever sacred.

This army will be the back bone to backing up our police and military against all that are foreign and domestic, we will fight against foreign and domestic terrorists.

All are welcome here to speak your peace of mind on all issues regardless of what it maybe that affects our daily lives either in real time our the on going fake news. We will not care what color your skin maybe or where your heritage hails from around the globe.

We all will take a oath to protect everyone on in the United States Of America whether you come from a small town or a big city, even if you may be rich or poor all that does not matter here we all have rights to be a soldier in the eyes of god for the good of all mankind that is why we are here as a group and to be a Legion of the Strong and the Brave.

When we say all are welcome we mean all Men Women Young adults, LGBTQ, Military, Police, Motor Cycle club bikers, Farmers, Steal Works, Coal Miners, oil frackers, Oil Riggers, Teachers, cooks, nurses, doctors, politicians veterans, ranchers, Truck Drivers, Lumber jacks. we are all Americans here to protect the weak and also strong. America is our home for GOD loving Patriots that will not let any other party destroy our country with weak ideas or socialism or Liberal dangerous views of communist thoughts.

Are Slogan is: "We Are One We Are Legion"
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