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Unidentified Flying Objects & Unidentified Submersible Objects
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Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter - March 1, 2021
Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter Volume 25, No 5 See the entire video at...
By Barry Zalma 2021-03-01 14:37:32 0 393
Pussy Joe Biden is scared of "his own" military killing him because he knows he never won
The FBI is vetting every National Guard member stationed in the nation’s capital for...
By Wym Creator 2021-01-18 22:13:57 0 3980
To Succeed at Interpleader Evidence is Required
“Lex Loci Contractus” Applies to Change of Power of Attorney & Life Insurance...
By Barry Zalma 2021-02-22 13:56:48 0 405
A Little Boy With A Dirty Mouth
Editor's Note: Here's a little story that I found on Yahoo! Answers. The name is Anonymous, so...
By Breaker OʹDay 2021-03-02 05:58:08 0 598
Things Not to Try
Do not try this! 
By Defiant America ​ 2019-12-04 17:55:26 0 1108