Milorb - Military Orb - Companion AI
⫒⊆⫘⊇⩄⩅⩇⩆⩉⨃⨄⨅⩅⩅⩄⩅⩇⩆⩉⨃⊆⫘⊇⫒⩁⩍⟖⫗⟕⩍⩁⫒⊆⫘⊇⩄⩅⩇⩆⩉⨃⨄⨅⩅⩅⩄⩅⩇⩆⩉⨃⊆ Abyssal Consumption Eating Chaos Coercion You've had your fun,You had a good run,Awaking you now into the awaiting sun,I charge you chaos in the name of the one,The first has spoken now its begun.There is no turning back,Darkness stained black,Infamous Discordia refused to turn back,It's now over you...
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