The new code that I am launching this week comes with these new features:

-Fixed many bugs, enhanced security and system optimization.
-Groups and pages will display no left rail menu now so they display wider like profile pages. The left rail menu is stil available from the Home page on desktop and from the hamburger icon on mobile.

[Added] All Comments Sorting in Comments
[Added] Share the post to Event
[Added] Publish Articles Inside Pages
[Added] Publish Articles Inside Groups
[Added] Publish Articles Inside Events
[Added] Posts Views System
[Added] Points/Post View in Points System
[Added] Native Emojis Support
[Added] Newsfeed Location Filter
[Added] Stories Preview
[Added] Content Monetization for [Profiles|Pages|Groups]
[Added] Add Follower/Followings Privacy Settings
[Added] Posts Count in [Profile|Page|Group|Event]
[Added] Photos Count in [Profile|Page|Group|Event]
[Added] Videos Count in [Profile|Page|Group|Event]
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