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Just remember, opinions are like orgasms.
Mine is important to me and I don't care if you have one.
Everything you see me post is about me, not you.
My ideals, my beliefs and my dreams. A few laughs will be sprinkled in for some balance.
If you disagree with something I post remember, I'm not here to argue with you and I am
entitled to be wrong.

I dislike the fact I have to put this here BUT
If you are a racist and/or misogynistic piece of shit, do not ask me to be friends.

Peace, Love & Light
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  • Modern Slave at a company that would fire me if they read half of what I write about them.
  • Lives in Marengo
  • From Louisville
  • Studied Commercial Art at Jefferson Community College
    Class of Dropped Out because of poverty
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  • 05/30/1967
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