Ready for the #Flu / #COVID Season by Avoiding #Vaccines and Using #God - Created #Natural #Remedies
Ready for the #Flu / #COVID Season by Avoiding #Vaccines and Using #God - Created #Natural #Remedies
Get Ready for the Flu/COVID Season by Avoiding Vaccines and Using God-Created Natural Remedies
As we now enter into the time of year here in North American that is usually labeled as the "flu season" but is now more commonly known as the "COVID season" where Big Pharma begins their big push to get everyone injected with their toxic and deadly flu shots and COVID shots, it is time to review the abundance of research that exists for non-Pharma natural remedies that far outperform vaccines and drugs in preparing your body for shorter daylight hours and colder temperatures. I am calling these remedies "God-Created" remedies because they are found in God's Creation, and cannot be patented by man and drug companies because they are found in nature and are available to everyone without having to obtain permission (drug prescriptions) from medical priests. The scientific evidence of how effective these God-Created remedies are is overwhelming, but the Big Pharma Cult and their puppet corporate media shills will do everything they can to discredit this research and evidence, in favor of marketing their poisonous drugs and vaccines to you instead.
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