3 April 2020: An Eugene man Arguing with a woman tosses a lit firework at her at a U-Haul location and ends up lighting up a man siphoning gas at the exact same place. When Authorities picked up the man, they ended up also holding him on parole violations along with firework, and arson violations according to another article.

You can't make this shit up!
Police: Eugene man tossed lit firework, setting U-Hauls - and gas thief - on fire
EUGENE, Ore. -- A man threw a firework at a woman eary Sunday morning - and set several U-Hauls and a man siphoning gas on fire, Eugene Police said. The suspect in the gas theft remans at large. He was last seen on fire and running from the scene, police said. On April 5 at 5:45 a. m. , Eugene Police officers responded to the U-Haul at 150 Oroyan Avenue for report of several U-Haul trucks on fire. Eugene Springfield Fire also responded. Three to four vehicles were engulfed in the fire.
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