There's always hearsay and rumors about what's going on about any active investigation. Let's go over the known facts:
- They arrived at the camp site wanting to explore the blow holes
- Cleo has been there before and his comfortable there
- Upon arrival at the campsite, they set up their two-room tent fed the kids, and went to bed.
- In the middle of the night, Cleo wakes up thirsty, they give her water and the infant a bottle.
- This is when Cleo goes mysteriously missing and the tent door is unzipped.
- Not only is Cleo missing, but the adult-sized sleeping bag that she was using is also missing.

This leads me to ask 2 questions:
1. How could they NOT hear the door on the tent being unzipped?
2. Why is her sleeping bag also missing?

The second question is alarming. If an abductor wanted to get away quickly, they would've left the sleeping bag. A full-sized sleeping bag is VERY bulky. I think that the parent's had something to do with it.
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