Buildup of toxic heavy metals like thimersol, mercury, lead, graphene oxide (a heavy metal concentrator that causes the injection site to react to magnets because of the high heavy metal concentration) from vaccines, chemtrails, radiation, medical treatments, cleaning chemicals in your body can cause "mystery" conditions like brain fog, lethargy, autoimmune disorder, nervous system problems and liver problems. You test at home to see if you have any buildup and safely cleanse them out of your body with zeolites, chelation therapy and specific cleansing nutrients. #heavymetals #detox #cleanse #toxins #health
Natural Heavy Metal Detox Plan
Natural Heavy Metal Detox Toxic Heavy Metals - What Are The Heavy Metals That Cause Heavy Metal Poisoning Symptoms. The Best Heavy Metal Cleanse - Detox Heavy Metals from Vaccines, Tap Water Naturally with Zeolite, Nascent Iodine, Bentonite Clay, Pine Pollen, PectaClear.
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