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    Consultant Quantity Surveyor
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    Bill of Quantities
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    Contractors Quantity Surveyor
    PEJA Surveying Ltd is the best Contractors Quantity Surveyor which is offering a wide range of services to various clients. Our Contractors Quantity Surveyor estimate and control costs for large and medium scale construction projects. We always make sure that every project meets legal and quality standards. Our Contrac
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    Contractors Quantity Surveyor
      PEJA Surveying Ltd is the best Contractors Quantity Surveyor which is offering a wide range of services to various clients. Our Contractor...
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    PEJA Surveying Ltd has the team of Quantity surveyors UK which are skilled professionals working in the construction, property and land management and other industries from many years. We do all the preparation of feasibility estimates and various cost plans to make sure the work is done in a given time period along with the approved budget as well.

    PEJA Surveying Ltd works either for consultancies or contractors and there are differences in working practices, although these lines are now tending to merge.

    PEJA Surveying Ltd’s quantity surveyor also known as a private quantity surveyor (PQS). We advise the client on costs from the initial design stages works out the entire budget and puts the job out for tender to contractors as a part of our job function.

    Daily Activities of a Local Quantity Surveyor

    Local Quantity Surveyor work on projects for their own and they also work for the other client departments and various sectors. One is the prime role of Local Quantity Surveyor is to monitor and estimate budgeting which is involved in building projects from the planning stage through the final completion.

    They have been given complete training which provides them with a thorough grounding in building and construction techniques as well as the financial and accounting side. Each and every task is normally put out to tender and the job of a Quantity Surveyor is to examine the returns and advise the authority on technical aspects of the project.

    Working environment

    Our Quantity surveyors UK are flexible with the work schedule as they work for consultancies which tend to be office-based. We usually work during office hours while we are employed by contractors. We also work directly on construction sites. Our Quantity surveyors also work longer hours and do possibly shift work as well. While we are on the construction site we do wear protective clothing.

    PEJA Surveying Ltd also works with others on site which includes suppliers, contractors, higher-level managers, project managers and site engineers. Therefore we have excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work well in a team.


    PEJA Surveying Ltd undertakes many responsibilities during the project. Our quantity surveyor’s responsibilities are primarily pointing towards the cost and quality control management. Some of them are including :

    1. PEJA Surveying Ltd thoroughly discuss plans with the client and gives the expert opinion on whether their proposals will work.

    2. PEJA Surveying Ltd always to the calculations of quantities and costs of materials, estimation of time and manpower before the project goes to tender.

    3. PEJA Surveying Ltd helps in preparing cash-flow projections of any project.

    4. From time to time we overseeing subcontractors and stages of construction as per the contract.

    5. We help our clients for cost control during construction stages.

    6. PEJA Surveying Ltd having a sound team of expert that will take care of all the negotiating contracts.

    7. PEJA Surveying Ltd having an expert panel of an experienced team which advice on legal points, including disputes from any party.

    8. We are expert in writing reports and overseeing bills.

    9. As we follow the strong safety norms in the industry that minimizing risk and complying with health and safety rules

    10 To our clients, time to time we keep up to date with construction methods and materials.

    Why choose PEJA Surveying Ltd?

    To keep good relationships with our clients, PEJA Surveying Ltd’s quantity surveyors work well with others and always proved to be an excellent team player. As you already know that the documentation is also a big part of the work, therefore Quantity surveyors write reports, track the progress and provide valuable feedback to stakeholders on how the project is progressing.

    Quantity Surveyor London

    Quantity Surveyor Near Me

    Cost to build a house

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    Quantity Surveyor
    Being a Quantity surveyor PEJA Surveying Ltd manage the costs on a construction project. PEJA Surveying Ltd helps to ensure that the construction project is completed within its projected budget and most importantly the deadline of com such as ‘cost consultant’, ‘commercial manager’, ‘cost manager’ and ‘cost engineer’
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    What are the duties of a Quantity Surveyor UK?
      Quantity surveying services can be acquired by agencies that specialize in that kind of work.   These tend to be office-based. So, the wo...
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    Being a Quantity Surveyor Firm, we always minimise the cost and risk of a construction project and enhance value for your money, even achieving the required legal standards and highest quality work. PEJA Surveying Ltd always makes sure that all the required statutory building regulations are met.

    PEJA Surveying Ltd prepares estimates and costs of the work and when the project is in progress. We also keep track of any variations to the contract that may affect financial aspects and create reports to show the profitability.

    PEJA Surveying Ltd can either for the client or join hands with the contractor, in their office or on the project site. PEJA Surveying Ltd is a very experienced firm and could be involved at any stage of a given project. PEJA Surveying Ltd can handle any projects commercial, industrial and residential constructions etc.

    We have a hierarchy of high-level managers which are construction cost consultant, cost manager and commercial manager and other senior-level managers too.

    Responsibilities that PEJA Surveying Ltd is undertaking:-

    The duties of PEJA Surveying Ltd will vary to a certain extent depending on the nature of work, job and task etc. We can do a job of consultancy as a private quantity surveyor or even work with a contractor as well.

    Being a Quantity Surveyor Firm we always give the best advice to clients from the initial design stage, working out the budget for the project and helping with the complete process of the tender to contractors. We do all the tasks from working on site along with liaising with the PQS. PEJA Surveying Ltd will provide a one-stop-shop from initial design through to completion.

    Being a Quantity Surveyor Firm PEJA Surveying Ltd does the following tasks :

    1. PEJA Surveying Ltd always assists in establishing with client’s requirements. We undertake feasibility studies to ensure that the project will be successful and meet with the requirements as well.

    2. PEJA Surveying Ltd will do all the preparation and analysis. We also do project costings for tenders, materials, quantities, labour and time frame for completion.

    3. PEJA Surveying Ltd will prepare a compete tender and contract documents. We do all the bills of quantities with the architect or with the client.

    3. Negotiation is the important aspect of a project as PEJA Surveying Ltd do all the contracts and work schedules to make any project a successful one.

    4. PEJA Surveying Ltd, allocate work to subcontractors. We also do an audit on the work from time to time all stages of the construction.

    5. In our miscellaneous tasks, we perform the risk, value management and cost control at any stage of a given project.

    6. PEJA Surveying Ltd also undertakes a cost analysis for repair and maintenance project work.

    7. To work with every private quantity surveyor or contractor we always give the best advice on a procurement strategy.

    10. During any stage of the project we identify, analyse and develop responses to all the commercial risks.

    11. PEJA Surveying Ltd is having a team of expert panels which will provide advice on contractual claims and disputes.

    12. PEJA Surveying Ltd also writes detailed progress reports from time to time.

    13. PEJA Surveying Ltd always values completed work, oversee bills and arrange payments and other financial activities.

    14. PEJA Surveying Ltd maintains a record of the different building contracts within current use.

    15. PEJA Surveying Ltd always supports and understand the implications of health and safety regulations. We follow strict norms for that.

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    Quantity Surveyor London
    PEJA Surveying Ltd always look forward to providing the best home Quantity surveyor jobs. We are reputed and one of the best Quantity surveyor firms in London. That can help you with any consultant quantity surveyor jobs.
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