Nancy Pelosi is a Drunk Harpy

Defiant America
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2019-12-08 23:52:16

She's an out of control tyrant who should be hung for treason.

Wym Creator
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2019-12-08 23:54:31

Gerbils are eating her brain. Change my mind.

Thomas Ratcliff
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2020-01-10 18:30:44

That dog looks antisemitic!

Body Works
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2020-01-31 15:44:49

Nancy Pelosi throughout her political career but most recently has committed conspiracy, sedition, treason, and high treason, in full view of the public and off and on camera.

Everyone should look close at the photos of the Pelosi pins and zoom in as much as you can. It will be quite obvious that the so-called gold tips of the pens are supposed to resemble AR-15 Style cartridges. This is a typical libturd Democrap method for subversively shoving their intended plans in the face of the entire nation while maintaining plausible denial.

These pens and Pelosi Schiff sham impeachments signing event was simply Nancy Pelosi way of saying, I will be POTUS, I am POTUS, and I will assassinate the president in the vice president so that I can become POTUS.

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2020-05-12 11:55:52

Vote her out , if SF is not faggots ,CA all mob controls ..