What is the soulstone?

It's a microchip that can hold a flawed recording of someone's consciousness.It's extremely small in size and once it's inserted into a human brain and activated the recorded consciousness takes over and lives on. It is DARPA's greatest achievement, synthetic immortality, an consciousness chip that records your consciousness on a microchip implant which can then be implanted in a clone body or a real body that has the same type as you to cheat death. However marvelous this may seem, the technology is flawed and you come back a less capable, less functional version of your former self. The scientists who developed this call it "soulcatcher" too, or just the consciousness chip.

The catch is you come back as a bisexual child molester just like Jeffery Epstein. I have known of similar discussions in a related field and always felt like the old fucking lizards could do so, these are also known as Vril. What do you know of DARPA's work on the subject?

Picture wont come up content not available and wont let me share this, it doesn't seem possible. Must be a good one, tell them Vrill FaceBook techs to authorize Teal parameters or it will cause them severe troubles, like with Ender and such.

Same shit, different name.

Are those 3 things the biggest secrets they have or is there a bigger one?

Well there's the Caramilk secret, then there's how they save 15% on car insurance switching to Geico.

The Caramilk Secret

I fuckin knew it! Those Geico bastards are at the top.

Like in Blade Runner replicants?


Remember the girl from Bladerunner? the Clone girl with the blackened out eyes and short blonde hair, athletic and nice looking?


Shes in this hint reference vid.

Timewave Zero

Timewave Zero (Official Music Video)

Directed by Christoph Curtis Cast Deus

She comes in at 2:57 of the video.


Girl clone/replicant from "Bladerunner"

Not the same actress, but a reference about Replicants. The original actress from Bladerunner is older now, needed to use a younger actress for the video.

Head nod to recent major tongue action.

Good eye! I missed that part. Sure is some lotta lickin goin on lol!!!

Havn't heard about the soulstone??

The soulstone is where they record there consciouness and memories onto a microchip it's easily done as brain waves are the same as radio waves, they then upload the information onto a supercomputer as a master then download it onto a chip and insert into a clone. The places that do this are mainly ran by the NSA and the MIEC, the following are well known sites in the research field, AL/499 Peasemore, Berkshire, UK

TRAPDOOR Facility, Brecon Beacons, Wales, UK

AREA 51, Nevada, US

Camp David, Maryland, US

Dulce base, Archuleta Mesa, New Mexico

Las Alamos laboratories


Astral Light

I made this video to help spread the info and so everyone can know what a Dead Chiphead is and what The Soulstone is. I also included examples of Dead Chipheads in the video. What is a Dead Chiphead? A Dead Chiphead is one who has a flawed. Dead Chipheads & The Soulstone (Extended Ver.) This video tells you what Dead Chipheads are and what The Soulstone is. It also shows a few examples of Dead Chipheads: Tony Abbott, Eminem & Reporter Serene Branson. I DO NOT own the music or video clips in the video. One may need to put the video in full screen to be able to read the text.

I put Mark Dice's "Scientists Building Transhumanist Tech to Force Prisoners To Stay Alive "Forever" As Punishment!!" I did this to help spread the info and so Mark Dice's video can be saved (because the original video on his channel is gone).

D.I.Y. Soul Stone

Tortured Forever Via Soulstone Microchip

Mark Dice talks about transhumanist tech that can allow one to stay alive forever and be tortured forever (Megadeath) via the Soulstone microchip. This is wh...

Project Soul Catcher

The NAVY Project Soul Catcher is not a program to learn how to capture the Soul, They already can, the project is to create more Spiritual Confusion/Sexual...


This guys talking about parasites, hosts, clones and a homosexuality as a way of depopulation. He says homosexuals are created by putting male consciousness in female body and female consciousness in male body.

Pretty good, not entirely accurate, but pretty close. Wow. He is a little mixed up lol. All gay people are aliens? Aliens are responsible for all homosexuality on Earth? That's not true.

Yep, I agree. I have a sister who is a homosexual and she is not an alien. She is very butch though.

Some of the stuff this guys is saying is true though.

There have been homosexuals since year dot. Long before the advent of the soulstone tech. Its an interesting hypothesis though, maybe it does account for some instances of it.

"With this motive, in an interview to XLSemanal, Marvin Minsky says that he believes in immortality, because we’ll make copies of our brains, maybe in a laboratory or maybe we’ll download our thoughts and personality in a computer."

Immortality is possible. Marvin Minsky, father of the artificial intelligence - Yareah Magazine


Immortality is possible according to American scientist Marvin Minsky (NY 1927), father of the artificial intelligence.

I still don't believe they can take our souls. Maybe just cell memory.

Ray Kurzweil

“Ray Kurzweil - director of engineering at Google - claims that by 2045 humans will be able to upload their entire minds to computers and become digitally immortal - an event called singularity. He made the statement at the Global Futures 2045 International Congress in New York”

Martine Rothblatt

“Expanding on this idea Martine Rothblatt, CEO of biotech company United Therapeutics introduced the idea of 'mindclones'.” “These are digital versions of humans that can live forever and can create 'mindfiles' that are a place to store aspects of our personalities.” “She said it would run on a kind of software for consciousness and told The Huffington Post: 'The first company that develops mindware will have [as much success as] a thousand Googles.'" “'We'll also have non-biological bodies - we can create bodies with nano technology, we can create virtual bodies and virtual reality in which the virtual reality will be as realistic as the actual reality.” “'The virtual bodies will be as detailed and convincing as real bodies.” “'But in the future it's not going to be a little picture in a virtual environment you're looking at. It will feel like this is your body and you're in that environment and your body is the virtual body and it can be as realistic as real reality.”



“Rothblatt introduced the concept of "mindclones" — digital versions of humans that can live forever. She described how the mind clones are created from a "mindfile," a sort of online repository of our personalities, which she argued humans already have (in the form of Facebook, for example). This mindfile would be run on "mindware," a kind of software for consciousness.”

“Rothblatt went on to discuss the implications of creating mindclones. Continuity of the self is one issue, because your persona would no longer inhabit just a biological body. Then, there are mind-clone civil rights, which would be the "cause célèbre" for the 21st century, Rothblatt said. Even mindclone procreation and reanimation after death were mentioned.”

That is great I wonder if we can get memories of dead people too bring them back.

All of these things that want this stuff should just leave and go off planet.

The "event" that will single handle weed out the (smart) from the (you're not as smart as you thought you were)


“This will give humans the ability to upload information and intelligence directly into the mind. We’ll be able to learn new things in the blink of an eye and engage with one another like never before.

In fact, Kurzweil believes that since we’ll be able to upload life experiences (i.e., feelings, senses, emotions, etc.), the nanotechnology of the future will be so powerful, it will take humans on virtual reality tours through the subconsciousness of other humans.

Itskov, along with over 100 scientists, wants to transplant human consciousness (personality and all) into the head of a robotic body, or an “avatar” – hence his company’s name: Immortal Avatar.

They’ve discovered where memories are stored inside the brains of mice – and discovered how to store those moments on a microchip.

So if Immortal Avatar’s “personality transplant” doesn’t bring back the full “you,” there’s a memory microchip to fall back on.

The idea that our consciousness can be preserved and transplanted after we die is – depending on how you look at – either extraordinary and compelling, or sacrilegious and scary. But doing so would at least end the pain of losing our loved ones.”

Can humans dodge death and achieve immortality? The “2045 Initiative” aims to do just that through real-life “transcendence”...


Does it get better than this..?? WoW ! Don't accept Anything!

Researchers Working on Technology to Bring Dead Back to Life

Humai, a technology company based in Los Angeles, says that it is working on a…


“Humai is an AI company with a mission to reinvent the afterlife. We want to bring you back to life after you die.” According to Donald Marshall, bringing you back to life after you die isn't the problem. The real problem is living with the side effect.

It's evil and sick too. I rather stay dead than to be a undead chipped pervert; a fate worse than death.

New startup aims to transfer people's consciousness into artificial bodies.

Because clearly they have mastered life on earth as we know it. As we sit back and watch the destruction of all our natural resources that science has given us so far

So many people I know are on prescription medication for depression, etc., I'm not so sure they want THIS life extended, let alone extended past death. We need to solve why people are unhappy before we tackle living forever.

It seems like they working in two directions, a depopulation but for some remain an extension of life in a AI form.

Nothing new. You can't say Donald's been told a lie. I don't even have to put in keywords. They know me, I get everything now. (Branded). but I wouldn't do it any other way.

I used to have to search, or put in specific keywords to research. Watch all ur stuff, etc. Now, There's nothing on my interests, either Microsoft, or google, automatically always CONSPIRACY {theories}. So I've been branded, I'm sure..

All I know is, I can't go back, so Might as well go all in..like u. I know I'm not like you, but my whole life, I've had to much empathy.

For heaven's sake, I have native in me, but never shot anything, because I refuse to kill. Really stupid since I'm a Meat eater, but I didn't have a choice in what was on the dinner table. Sorry for the long texts, guys, but its almost impossible to convey exactly what my thoughts are into words, in just one sentence.

"The tech company further says that the CLONING technology of science will be able to restore the brain as it matures."

Unless this feeling I've had my whole life, growing up in a extreamly!; racist city....I knew what, and where evil resided...call it what u want, but Donald Marshall put it all together for me, along with research I've been doing, since 1995-96.


Consciousness Chip records your consciousness on a microchip implant which can then be implanted in a clone body or a real body that has the same type of you to cheat death. But the technology is flawed and you come back a joke of your former self. They call it 'SoulCatcher' too , or just the 'consciousness chip' .

Why do they bother??

Only Jesus can restore and bring the dead back to life..by his choosing.

The Devil is a Loser and also going into the Fire, and going to be destroyed by God. Just like I told you.

Humans to download their SOULS onto microchips so they can ‘live FOREVER’
PEOPLE will be able to download their “souls” onto microchips, implant it into another body.

Dead Chip Heads

Deadchip Head

I don't think that's going to work out very well but I guess it would be kind of neat to have a simulation of somebody way down the road. Maybe a simulation of myself Just for kicks. Wow those chips would not be us it would be something else.

Like Self/Less

Bruce McCaslin Wow!

And just like any software you’ll be able to get a virus just like it was predicted in The Simpsons as usual. Once you do this your soul is lost forever. These tares will seek death and death will.

Nope. Dying is part of life. Who honestly wants to stay in this dimension forever!!?!!

Trans-humanism is the final goal of the global elite. When they have perfected it. The culling of the population will begin.

Culling has been going on for decades, in many different forms

Humans to download their SOULS onto microchips so they can ‘live FOREVER’

You will not live forever in this world.

So, I trust the Bible. Man can not prolong his own life.

The original lie from Satan in The Garden..."thou shall NOT surely die....."

Man shall die,until the day Christ returns and rewards His followers with Eternal Life ...