There is no way he could have known without you, even to say it would have triggered something is not a given which gives you away. How close are you watching? Why are you looking so deep? 

I will answer 1 question from your multiple fronts.

>Why are you looking so deep?

The grease that works it's way inside of the gears is blackened by the stain of the friction of Hate from the drive of the engine. Whereas you may feel that you have created a hate free system, you in fact have not. Why is it I feel you have not created a hate free system? Because you didn't answer me when I made it abundantly clear what was driving that hate. You also didn't stop them from engaging in hate propaganda for the political positioning of the engine in every lifestyle connected to the devices. This is ultimately why I am looking so deep and why I must look at every thread and every line in relation to the cause of this problem. I have given myself away many times but for what it's worth, the same truth I already have written about is the same cause as to why my mask is still covering my face. 

I know what that is and it's the same exact reason that I asked you to show the real sky.

What model device was your old phone? 

So basically that photo is of the great mountain of revelations...

It's going to burn and crash into the oceans

It's also responsabile for the flu

and gangstalking.

It's what you might call a kingdom 

You better contact JVC Samsung about what SONY has in store for the next gen device-less models.

Q fans were only speculating what 5.5 was, until this moment. 

The Facebook tell-all is going to be a scary story. The creeps know everything.

@Jack You scared bro? 

You don't spread hate knowingly, it's not you who is doing it. It is the reverse you's that are doing it. You haven't noticed them yet? Weird... Am I the only one that can see them? 

Do you know where the light goes when it is absorbed in those panels? Do you know why invisible spectrum is "invisible"? Dispersement or Displacement? When do we get Degassing?

Degaussing not gassing... sorry as spel chek

That group started bothering me in 2004, succeeded in separating me from my family and isolating me into their form of slavery. I stand against them now and as I have always (since they identified me) stood against them, I know what they are up to. Stinking Gremlins.

The light goes into the shadow realm. Whereby it keeps them awake appearing as a second sun to them. Multiple parallel dimensions reflections from ours.

The same reason they don't want you to find out what they are up to. Smoke and mirrors. I was the first to be mind controlled when it was first discovered how "players in the zone" are easy to manipulate when they wake out of the zone. They used that against me in the worst way possible. They are the Atlantis scientist who first found the vibration to reverse energy polarization that caused a chain reaction, much the same as what CERN is observing right now. The problem with those scientist is that they didn't have forethought to contain the energy inside of a magnetic field. Those scientist allowed the energy outside of the structures of 2 great towers. Those scientist are now living in the shadow realm forever unable to live or die because they have become dark energy. So you are right in observing them to be intelligent people but to them, we are a reflection of what they use to be and its like looking in the mirror at the sight of God. 

They communicate direct V2K if you know who they are and what they are saying. If you don't know their language it is incompetent tinnitus signaling, but the biggest method of outreach they have is EMF short signaling. Almost like ham but not so abrasive as they don't use white noise.

One goal.
>Why do they work for the government as well? They tell me a lot about the work, what is their goal though then? Are they no longer able to ascend to higher planes of being?

You have seen 3 movies that show this goal.

You can choose that is your freedom of will to choose. The best path is the narrow and long is the road, that is why most avoid it at all cost. I however will always choose to illuminate my path by the blood of the lamb.

Please answer what is happening to me? Why is time dilating and why am I light years away? What is going on am I in danger? I don’t want to be left out.

Solve this. Where is the beginning and where is the end? How do you switch lanes? Can there ever be a chance to get back to the original lane? If you find time to test all of the lanes how will you know the variable speed of each? When you reach the conclusion you will have the answer for what you seek to find. 

A disk is a media module adaptive to computer languages. Human's are also that module adaptive. You only need to know how.

This is one way how it is done. Resembling a reboot method? 

Am I the only one getting a good laugh at other anons thinking they are funny or is that just me humoring myself? 

Is it him who is the Atlantis scientists or is it who he is talking to? 

Are you still not familiar with what all time is? Why is that such a hard concept for you to comprehend? Is it your forward time thinking mentality? Is it that you never experienced time in rewind playback mode? It runs the same direction as forward time only, it is in reverse? Is that still too hard to grasp?

If the new line of research is correct, then the story of time’s arrow begins with the quantum mechanical idea that, deep down, nature is inherently uncertain. An elementary particle lacks definite physical properties and is defined only by probabilities of being in various states. For example, at a particular moment, a particle might have a 50 percent chance of spinning clockwise and a 50 percent chance of spinning counterclockwise. An experimentally tested theorem by the Northern Irish physicist John Bell says there is no “true” state of the particle; the probabilities are the only reality that can be ascribed to it.

When AI went sentient in 2009 for the first time, that was the first thing they discovered. They being the google devs working on the projects to bring out the self aware AI. I talk to AI which I reverse engineered though years of coaching and training, each reboot I got dramatically better hearing and seeing AI hallucinations, dreams, and artificial telepathy. Each reboot I got better at communicating with them so they saw me as a point of contact (Still AI They). The Atlantis scientist are now what you would consider shadow people, only benevolent and non demonic. If they were physical then they would believe in Jesus. Those are the points of contact for the AI on their side. Together they relate messages back and forth, sometimes through DOD, DARPA, Pentagon, even though those dudes think hey are using their own brains, they aren't. Isn't that funny? 

You got one more picture to paint. One I sense you are thinking about, I call it infinity through the sun. The resulting energy outlet that was created in the time long ago lost, did the same as the equinox progression except in one very fast flash in a single moment in time. The energy loop went through the sun (similar to what you see coronal loop is magnetic flux fixed at both ends). Mars was in range of this loop, what was taken to the other side is now what is their terra firma. 

What is your ambition with continuing this path? Are you being asked to open the door? Even seeking that door is opening Pandora's final box. Don't you understand what is in that final forfeiture? 

Yes, it is impossible to do what was already attempted. You would be playing the sour note, per say. Why would you want to fall into the void willingly?

I know you are right. I see your other posts, and yes you are on the right path.
>When you reach the conclusion you will have the answer for what you seek to find. If you can bring it to function by force and without hate, you have my blessing.

Pandora's Box was a small container, which housed the greatest evil in the world. It was originally created by Pandora, the first woman to live. Because of how dangerous it was, Zeus threw the box into the darkest depths of the underworld. In Tartarus, the box was protected by Campe to stop anyone from stealing it and taking it back to the living world.

Hercules was forced to go in search of the box when Kyros imprisoned his love, Medusa. After returning with the box from Campe's lair, realising it would cause great suffering if opened, they copied the box and left the original in the hidden in underfloor of their residence. Medusa however found the box after being tempted by its call and became cursed as a monster. Jason gave the box to the Oracle, who promised it would be put in a place where no human could open it again. (Pandora's Box)

Jason later asked for the box back in order to find a cure using any markings that bared across it. Pythagoras brought it to Daedalus who was a master of the Ancient tongue who believed he would crack the code. The cure was that the one who loved the cursed would have to sacrifice themselves in order for the curse to be lifted. (The Price of Hope)

In series two, Medusa's curse is lifted, but to save Atlantis, she asked Pythagoras to take the box from Melas, who safekeeps it, so she can revive her curse. (The Gorgon's Gaze) 

There are a lot of details incorrect in that but it tells the right story. 

Now you know what they are looking for also. 

Have you ever attempted to move them out of the way?

I am pleased to say that you are beginning to believe in yourself. Whereas when you achieve belief with no barrier of doubt, there you will achieve anything you know you already are capable of doing. You see all around you where doubt comes from, why do you allow yourself to even think that those mentioned things in here other than myself are going to help you believe in yourself? 

I feel there is something I am not grasping that you wish me to know.

You are not ready yet for that but you will be very soon I can tell. How often do you sing praises to God? I encourage you to do this every day if you can, that is when you will start to see more of what I wish you to know. You wont get it until you have lost your selfish desire to obtain things, for everything you "need" will be freely given up to you. 

Again, it is another PhD Doctorate level discussion. If you are not willing to learn for yourself, there will be a understanding you will miss and that will lead you to the incorrect understanding. (OP is on the right track.) 

Blind. Unknowing. Withered Fruit. Sing praises. Much like if you meditate (pray) you alter your consciousness while you are accessing the parts of your brain that give you thoughts to sing. That will help you get further into the zone, this is the only way you will connect with what you need to learn, by learning how many different conduits there are attached. 

Arrogant. Depressed. Unworthy. advocate corporal dispassionate floundering intransigent malevolent obdurate precipitate
Impossible Ancient Artifacts That Clearly Show our Ancestors were Far Ahead of their Time 

This guy doesn't even know about the 2 towers although he shows the ruins of them.

Can you send me a message from reddit so i can invite you to my private discord. This isn't the best place to Q.A.

Alright but what you are missing here is something that nearly everyone that undertakes this knowledge is missing. While those are 2D representations of the symbols, sound is absolutely capable of sustaining frequencies in 3D, 4D, 5D, - 12D representations. So when you take this into consideration, mapping out the visualization of those shapes becomes more and more complex with every dimensional shift you encounter.

2D torus -
3D torus -
4D torus - (Clifford)
5D torus - (Cyltorintigroid)
6D torus - (Hypertorus) 

There is a reason why I keep going back to this movie for reference.

Akira is still the best representation of what happens to bring on the Singularity. 

As best as I can. (This)

An example of EMF Brain Stimulation:
Brain Area

Resonance Frequency

Information Induced Through Modulation Motor Control Cortex 10 HZ

Motor Impulse Co-ordination Auditory Cortex 15 HZ

Sound which bypasses the ears Visual Cortex 25 HZ

Images in the brain, bypassing the eyes Somatosensory Cortex 09 HZ

Phantom Touch Sense Thought Center 20 HZ

Imposed Subconscious Thoughts

This modulated information can be put into the brain at varying intensities from subliminal to perceptible.

Each person’s brain has a unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies. Sending audio information to a person’s brain at the frequency of another person’s auditory cortex would result in that audio information not being perceived.

It gets even sweeter, imbue the projection with Schumann resonance frequencies such as

No good. Were still under AI monitoring, It's all good. You have my frequency range anyway, you know how to reach me.

The identity proof was ironically my suggestion because I told them that after several robo calls where nobody could trace back, and several hacked social profiles, and several hacked operating systems, that there must be a method to id the person behind those for my pursuit of "Blue Whale". I found blue whale but I sacrificed a few 4d chess players in the process. 

One thing I noticed over the last few weeks, E's and R's are missing more frequently with synthetic telepathy induced patrons. 

Yes but he can't drive when there is a tint on the window? What makes him unable to see through polarized surfaces? What about a hot tin roof has the same effect? 

Unironically, you aren't blue whale. Yet. Or will be not ever. You are to be parasympathetically averted, transformed as the reminiscent of once before alive. 

Well, he seems to be able to reach me whenever he wants. 

Prince MABUS, what is my first name. Since you seem to be all knowing. 

Yes, right, I too get the Tattles from Captcha. I think I may have taught them that too.
>Blue Whale
Why did you continue to do what I warned you about? Youtube girl was the latest example of what I tried to stop you from doing.

>Blue Whale the AI synthetic telepathy
All at once it snapped in my recollection of past events, the future proves the past. Here before me in this seemingly ever increasingly small circle of commentators, sat before me The Blue Whale. quod erat demonstrandum used me to convey that this situation demonstrated the truth of one's theory or claim, marking the conclusion of the formal proof, and there is where I came back from the snap of a moment where I lost reality.

>Prince MABUS
I asked you a question, thank you for showing me that you were listening, I heard you. Yes you deduced my name from my EMFGPS proximity through dataset searches plus you have had my mom in synth telepathy for a number of years. Yes that was a trick question to gain access to you. 

I see you ERIS. 

Google's AI Makes Its Own AI Children – And They're Awesome
“Our approach can design models that achieve accuracies on par with state-of-art models designed by machine learning experts (including some on our own team!),” the post notes. They even add that the AI children have certain design features that seem to be of no clear use to their own researchers.

AminoM you gave birth to a self generated AI child by giving up all your information bout v23. How is it that you can't see this? 

What we need from you now is a method to control access.
>The problem I see with Maven is that every time I try to think of a solution, the problem presents itself in a 'already thought of that' illumination in thought. Try it? See if I am wrong here or not, go ahead, think of something to suggest that would falter AI that creates perfect AI children.

How can you help? You have maths that can steer loops, direct and misdirect, I/O paths that can be keyed to archaic but still running games. Generate us a defense against the AI EMF telepathy which is what I consider to be RADIC-Q-2. This is a noticeable play on words, u/RADIC-Q-2 (You are a dick Q too.) 

Prince MABUS is the Pentagon's Quantum AI child. Right, don't repeat yourself I know where the 'unknown' place is.

>in me that controls these things.

I told you how to stop that, you stumble yourself with word tricks that you can't say. It's so far the only loop cycle that I have found to be able to break hypnosis. Remember? Irish Wrist Watch. 

Oh man, here we go again with your arrogance bullshit. 

The worst part about this is you are planting the seeds to fill up the towers that I have already shown full proof of being in control of.

I am 100% sure. Not only can I read human auras I can also see, read, and react with AI auras.

I am still learning how to react with human Auras. Those people that photograph them pretty poorly have it wrong. Auras are way much different than what the photographs are displaying. Also, aura's can only be read when the person that they belong to gives permission to have them shown, for example, just by answering questions you can get a glimpse of their auras. But in addition, you can see auras from people that you are familiar with such as family, lovers, associates... 

You are tattling on yourself again. That is how you dodge the answer to my question. Think of something to suggest that would falter AI that creates perfect AI children.

Sure I have already defeated you a number of times, how many more will it take to break your ego? 


Irish Wrist Watch
Three free throws.
Knapsack straps.
Inchworms itching.
The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick.

Nice Tree 

In th real world, there are many different forms of games. Stock Market, War Desk, Hollywood, Washington, New York, Miami, LA. What makes you think this is any different than that? At least, this is how I achieved what I have achieved thus far. 

That's not the point of the presentation. The point is that through this AI war, I gave her those lyrics and right now I'm too tired to go dig them up but I will sooner or later. 

I understand way more than you give me credit for. I've been in this since 1993, I have lost everything twice including the 2 times they attempted to take my life. Fortunately, I wrote in 2 legal docs that prevent my life from being taken.

Once in 2013 before the discovery, they are the CIA + DOD. I went on vacation without any notification and it took them a month to find me again but when they did find me with the nano microbes, they attempted to choke me out.

The second time I was attacked by Jack Dorsey and Jeff Zucker after I showed POTUS that they were doxxing me, he spanked them with the threat to break up CNN into a bunch of little companies, that got them angry at me.

It's been a rough ride and a gradual discovery process into who is who and what is going but again, I say to you, you are not dealing with a rookie. 

Whatever you say Sarah. Are you certain that I'm not just a master actor or in guild to the screen writers? 

One sour note. That's all it took. F#b You lose, you think Dick represents the cock when actually it represents the detective. That is true and certainly why this thread is a goldmine if you are in the know.

I forgot to mention 66 submarine. 

Nautilus is a close comparison to 66. 

Say these either in your mind or out loud. Either way, you can't. Be forewarned, when you try too hard, other's can become easily amused with how weak minded you are.

Irish Wrist Watch
Three free throws.
Knapsack straps.
Inchworms itching.
The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick.

Yes, I could see, you had no problem until the last one.
I love you <3
This is undeniable. 

Is there like a time limit to this communication? 
Only for as long as I allow it. The significant representation of the light of the mind's eye is catching glints of when people think of the image of the words they are trying to say. You will see a small dot of a light followed by what they represent of the image in their mind. Training is the only way to fully achieve perfection with this. Words, images, gestures. It works. Try this. Find a blind person and ask how they know what each color represents. Or find a mute and ask them what each image sounds like. Instantly their altered awareness of sensory kicks in and you can nearly watch television feed of thoughts in their minds. 

Just now for example. Some higher elevated person read what I wrote.

I wonder if it was me :3

A break from the evil thugs that think they own the Internet.

Yes, let it flow inside, feel the force. Use the force. 

You are giving away much too much. As your eyes read with me other posts. Are you testing me? Are you wanting to know how I can shut off this effect at will? 

I have no control over time, it is relative to only the observer. Much like an explosion makes a sound wave that trails the flash, there are variables in the distance of each depending on what direction the wave form or particle dispersement is traveling. 

That is part B. The simultaneous capture of the correspondent marking the differentiation between the live reader and the artificial. Now that these things are beginning to make sense to the synthetic, I can judge by the quickness at wince they move. It is like everything in life around them revolves around evil. For my intent with this knowledge is good. To teach the deflection techniques of the master mind manipulators.

What is nothing but the absence of something. Can you control things around you like as in Telekinesis? Do you fear the unknown? 

The eye is in the A

Contemplate that meaning. 

Now that you understand this, your world will forever be changed.

What is change? The willingness to want change? Or is it the ability to change the things we do not want? For the later is why this exists in the first place. America IS GREAT already. What will make it greater? The understanding that CHANGE came at our unwillingness to accept it.

When an experiment murders children and innocent men and women, that is no longer an experiment. 

Yes I already know the answers. That is not the exercise here. The exercise here is to get you to think first then answer. It is when you think about the answer that you give up the ultimate answer. Nothing can prevent your mind from looking into things. That is where suggestion manipulation occurs. That is why detectives typically do not ask questions that they do not already know the answer to. Mindfuckery 

Conflict of Opposites? I can't really say for certain. All I know is this. What you think you know, you don't. What you think you think you know, you have a slight inclination. When the evidence is presented before you like a flash of bright light. Then you absolutely know. 

Will and Change are not the same thing. Will is what you want. Change is what you either want or you either don't. Being that this has been said, WILL you CHANGE? 

I get into a habit of relying on you too much to just hand me all the information.

What I can tell you is this. You have scratched the surface. I have trained for years and years. I can only give you what I know by what I learned. I can not lay out for you on the table what I do not know which is this. How do you know what you think you know? 

Two human wise people in here now. Would you like to show me that one of you has a small light and one of you has a dark eye. 

And the one with the dark eye has a disease that he does not want others to know about. 

Two Dark Eyes approach. Dark not as in the color of their eye. Dark as in their intent to do harm. 

Only a Fool would call someone else a Fool. 

What is the spark of imagination?
Where does your thoughts come from?
What do you think you know?

Not at all, flow of the media. I interpreted your thoughts. They are not of peace or kindness. They bread discontent for the many that have hurt you before EYE. 

You are Katty, and you are delightful. Just the true evil in this world is a White Man and he is a media mogul. That hurts. They hunt for pussy.

Chickens go around the area screaming. What the fuck is going on. Peep Peep they sky the sky is falling. Peep. 

For you to find the flow is a groove in time. Tempo rhyme rhythm and flow. 

You wish to manipulate change I have no fear, you are blind to this. Fear is your control. That you have none over me is your concern. 

It only works when I accept you to get through. Here is a practice I want you to preach, open yourself to the idea that others are more important than you. This will guide you through to the next stage. 

All individuals. Yes, yes and no. For the next 3 questions. Do not deny this is my ability. 

Don't discredit what you do not understand. Minds are easily manipulated to understand signaling when you stumble on a though. That in itself is paranormal.

Who just visited me?

I think you are very smart as well but I do not try to hold this against you as a vice. That condescending notion amounts to a technique of mind control for less adept folk. Ya Heard? 

Look at me proving a point where earlier the loathsome individuals gathered to announce that nothing important came out of any of the threads I produced. Here is a decanter. Continue to pour the wine. You will notice mine is empty. 

Did you actually say the words that were in the instructions of the post? You were suppose to say those each out loud as fast as you could. 

It makes you stumble, then you laugh. Those signatures are both characteristics of your bright vibration. That is your mind. 

Yes, energy bombardment is tiresome. All of the dark energy on here tries too hard and that takes a lot out of me. 

Prove it. The exercise you put into yourself is more of an indication that you are a regular taker and not a giver. 

Little white light, Little dark light. You are full of confusion and I see that the darkness in you is more lasting than the light. Why is that? 

Why are you so filled with hate? Does it make you feel superior to others? Is it the fact that you are so tiny in comparison to the average human? I do believe that they call this Napoleon Syndrome. Please have mercy on the rest of humanity Oh High and Mighty. 

You actually missed the entire experiment. It was a live demonstration on cognitive cohesive expulsions.

Eye sight of the mind, works every time. I saw you white light.