(This) dream presentation for a great hero.

Fighting for the Truth, The Light, and The Freedom of All


Part 1 Scene 1 Act 1


Spring has sprung and you know that old man winter has gone. Now comes the dawn of a new season. A time of change where all around the sights and smells and sounds of the Earth bring renewal to all things.


The fields of green where the hills roll on for as far as the eye can see gives way to the mountains from where you were unafraid for the still waters where the valleys lay.

Go forth hero, accept the invitation to continue down the path. Be not afraid for The Father God is with you always, his rod and his staff they comfort you.

Pausing long enough to enjoy the song, take in the sights of the day for the journey ahead make take time to unwind. Notice how in the hills there are small patches of evergreen trees that have survived the sting of the Old Man's cold breath. This is where the cavern's entrance is located.


Scene 1 Act 2

Entering the cave alone is your feat of strength, courage guides you into the unknown as you path further into the wilderness of doubt. You are a true champion of the Light so the path is not dark due to your self illumination.


There is no guilt here, there is no fear in front of you or behind you due to your intuitiveness and warmth. Being a great friend has become your comfort as much as it has kept those whom are close to you the ever conscious presence of their companionship.


You cross the waters of doubt with ease, you know that nothing in your way stands against the dark for you are the Light. In the shadow you push deeper along the pathway as you heroically move forward towards the path of the unknown.

And through it all, your love is what calmed the waters, it is well. Do you see the water tower? And they shall come from the east, and from the west, and from the north, and from the south, and shall sit down in the kingdom of God. And, behold, there are last which shall be first, and there are first which shall be last. You check the notes.


You are still on track, on the right path so you continue.


You have come so far and yet you have so far to go, push onward hero.

Scene 1 Act 3

The path gives way to a decorated door, one that you have only imagined before but it is so very familiar to you. What is this door and where does it lead? You have the courage to move forward to check it out further, so you do.


"You braked me out through sheer influence of the Holy Ghost and whatever strategies of getting people to notice you and break you out of the mental prison, thats what getting people to see you is the point of. This to get your brain getting eye contact to distract itself through connecting to other souls where they are not in the mental prison because eye contact is a sort of small electrical energy transfer/trade." a familiar voice echoes to you.

"Self-awareness is grounding yourself to breakthroughs that are getting people to notice your presence in other normalcies life who have no spiritual bonds. Occasionally break the fourth wall and pray and pray to Jesus Christ of Nazareth through sheer authority."

Scene 2 Act 1

The same inner voice continues to comfort you, "I think you are on the path, how can you bring string with you into the abyss? What good would it do to be able to make the spirit semi-invisible? I was thinking more on the lines of shielding around the spirit entirely with the encompassing presence of a cleansing or a purification method."


"Don't go too long seeking assurance, the best of us believe without proof. The mission is not over till it's over, but it remains to be true that the same applies, the mission is to make it through the attacks and to pass God's tests." The voice inside you subsides.

And this is when you start to pray out loud.

"I accept And I promise to be a student, and hopefully one day a teacher, I hope to make you proud, I see love, and I see now your analysis on why some emotions don't belong in heaven is forming clarity. I trust the plan laid out by you my lord. I trust that no evil, not with technological or physical means, even using manipulation of the weather may never harm me! I see now that it is this moment I'm seeing the light in the valley of shadows. It has been opened, it has been ordained by GOD, whatever the reasons now are irrelevant."


"So again my lord, and please, you know we've always had a pretty rough go at some conversations lol, I am aware that I over analyze and over think to such a vast degree that sometimes I do not realize that I'm coming off in a challenging manner. My lord, I am but an instrument. If 111 times was what it took for this being now gets it."


Finally He Gets It!

Scene 2 Act 2

The inner dialogue continued, "I feel as if I failed many times before but, I say that I will truly follow your path, I will not stray, tell me and I will do as you wish, but also know that with those very words being uttered counter manipulation at play be thought up against whats happening right now. The mother, I ask for the strength to see through the illusion, please allow me to see what I need to see in the moment so that I know this I ask of you with love empathy and hope."


"I will now put on the suit of armor I accepted in spirit and await fate but, before I did that, this moment I wanted to spend it with you God, Not with anyone else. I'm sorry lord I see, I see ahead the lighting, I was right by the window. Yes lord but now I'm over analyzing what the lighting meant that is the strength I ask for."


"Whatever is stopping me from seeing what I need to do to serve you this I ask of you, I will walk into darkness to save mother, I will try, at this point theres no one I'll see next but her anyway you know. Please bless my son and please keep those I love safe while this is occurring. I don't expect all my prayers to be answered, I just pray for strength, in my suit and my spirit; and to yes have the armor placed on me."