Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter – March 1, 2023

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McClenny Moseley & Associates & Insurance Fraud

The McClenny Moseley & Associates (MMA) series of lawsuits, court hearings and insurance department actions have brought about some very serious problems for MMA, including court orders, lawsuit dismissals, administrative cease and desist orders and litigation, all of which have created a poster child for Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter.

Since MMA has admitted that it reported a claim to various insurers, including Allied Insurance, that it was presenting claims against Allied and at least 856 claims to Allied and other insurers, that it represented the insured when, in truth and fact, it did not represent the insurer’s insureds, but, rather Apex Roofing who is not an insured of any of the insurers to whom MMA made claims, demanded appraisal and settled claims, cashed checks and took attorneys fees from people it did not represent the insurer is obligated to report each claim to the Louisiana Department of Insurance as a suspected insurance fraud effected or attempted.

Therefore, it appears, subject to the review of the Louisiana Attorney General and/or local prosecutors, MMA violated Louisiana fraud statutes, and each insurer who is a victim of one or more of the minimum of 856 fraudulent claims where MMA represented it was the attorney of the insurers’ insureds was a criminal fraudulent act.

Since the actions of Velawcity and Apex Roofing appear to meet the definition of a “runner” the prosecutors in the state of Louisiana should consider prosecution for their fraudulent activities.

In addition, the federal judges involved in these cases should consider reporting MMA, Velawcity and Apex Roofing to the U.S. Attorney for investigation of the potential crime of wire fraud.

There will be more hearings in March 2023 that will be reported in the March 15, 2023 issue of ZIFL.

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The Arson for Profit Defense

To prove the “arson for profit defense” the insurer must prove the three elements needed to establish arson plus proof that the insured violated the misrepresentation, concealment, or fraud condition, and/or that the act was an intentional act to defraud the insurer.

A successful “arson for profit defense” depends on a wide range of evidence, including expert testimony, knowledgeable and convincing witnesses, and effective counsel for the insurer. Where any of the evidence as to each element is non-existent, weak, or sufficiently rebutted by the insured’s experts and witnesses, the insurer’s “arson for profit defense” will likely fail.

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Good News from the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

A firm that administered health care claims stole $18M of funds intended for paying the claims. Anthony Riccardi started by administering third-party healthcare claims for a car dealership chain in New Canaan, Conn. Employee Benefit Solutions created invoices for the car dealership brand, which submitted payments and expected the funds to be paid to health care providers. EBS stole almost $18M of $26M the dealership paid. Most of this money was transferred into the EBS operating account and used for non-company expenses — mortgages, boats, golf and luxury cars. Riccardi only paid claims from health care providers he thought were likely to complain, or involved the car dealership execs. The scam also included inflated or bogus medical claims, including some by a phony company under Riccardi’s name. Unpaid financial obligations began to mount, prompting Riccardi to apply for millions in fraudulent bank loans and cash advances. They were used in part to pay financial obligations to the car dealership brand. To cover up the loan scheme, Riccardi forged invoices from a fake company that supposedly sold upgraded billing software to EBS. Ricardi pled federally guilty. He faces up to 30 years in prison when sentenced and agreed to repay $14.8M.

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How to Add to the Professionalism of Insurance Claims Professionals

Every insurer, insurance syndicate, insurance brokerage, insurance sales agency, insurer branch office, and vendors to the insurance industry should add to the libraries of their various offices or employees.

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Health Insurance Fraud Convictions

Ronald A. Beasley II, 33, of Portsmouth, Florida was the pharmacist in charge at NH Pharma, a pharmacy located in Lake Mary, Florida. Through NH Pharma, Beasley and his co-conspirators billed Medicare for expensive compound drug creams that they never
actually purchased or dispensed, and instead provided Medicare patients an inexpensive compound drug cream not covered by Medicare.

Inventory records showed that NH Pharma did not buy enough of the expensive prescription drugs to fill all the prescriptions NH Pharma billed to Medicare. In total, Beasley and his co-conspirators received more than $1 million in fraudulent proceeds from Medicare.

A federal jury in the Middle District of Florida convicted Beasley, a Virginia man February 9, 2023 for his role in a scheme to defraud Medicare of over $1 million in prescription drug benefits.

Beasley was convicted of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and three counts of health care fraud. He is scheduled to be sentenced on April 25 and faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison on each count. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

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The Brothers Ben-Cohain

The story that follows is a fictionalized True Crime Story of Insurance Fraud from my 55 Years in Insurance that explains why Insurance Fraud is a “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose” situation for Insurers. This is one of more than 80 stories in my book “Insurance Fraud Costs Everyone“ Available as a Kindle Book and Available as a Paperback from

In 1990 Moshe Ben-Cohain and Menashe Ben-Cohain started a course of conduct that led to their arrest for insurance fraud. They failed to appear after posting bond and are, along with their co-conspirator, Raz Rosenberg, fugitives.

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Other Insurance Fraud Convictions

Herbert Allen, age 38, and Dion Ridley, age 23, pleaded guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 371 Allen was to 37 months in prison, followed by 3 years of supervised release and Ridley was sentenced to 6 months in prison, followed by 1 year of supervised release.

The defendants admitted to being in a conspiracy to commit mail fraud in connection with a staged automobile collision. In the scheme, Allen falsely claimed that he was the driver of a car that was struck by a tractor-trailer on June 28, 2017. Ridley, a passenger in the car, falsely claimed that Allen was driving the car and they were struck by a tractor-trailer.

In fact, the government’s evidence showed that the defendants conspired with Damien Labeaud, Roderick Hickman, and others to intentionally collide Allen’s 2007 Chevrolet Impala with a tractor-trailer in the area of Tchoupitoulas Street and Calliope Street in New Orleans.

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