From Horizon to Horizon

Bright, blinking, of many colors

There up in the sky, I saw falling stars, shining and numerous from every corner of the sky, across the wide dark night. Out in the empty street, i stood in awe of the next sight I beheld; Bright, blinking, of many colors; Green, blue, red, white, all shimmering in a grand display moving ever closer toward me. The lights pulse and dance upon a silhouette of darkness, a silent behemoth of dark and lights. From the light emanating from this mass, i see as it crosses my sight, it is a ship not of this earth. It was the largest of all that followed it, in what seemed to be a parade from the heavens, Light filled the sky and many ships in many shapes and size moved in a line from horizon to horizon. Some the shape of clouds, and others like jets. Some were as spheres, and even as diamonds. All equally ominous and otherworldly.

I like to look up into the sky, day and night. I remember everything i see in the sky, because its spectacular even if its mundane. Sometimes i dream of the sky. Sometimes i dream of dreams of the sky. I had a dream last night, it was a vague recollection of another dream from a long time ago. I dreamed that there was a a parade of sorts of lights in the sky, ships of every design traveling across the sky. some big some small. The same ships that were in my other dream from a long time ago. But this dream was surreal, lucid, and vivid. In my waking memory this dream, i can feel is not from the dream center of my brain, but of my long term memory part.

big lights, fantastic lights

I remember big lights, fantastic lights, of close visions of ships in the sky. This was a real event that was suppressed in my memory, and unlocked by the solar eclipse i think. My dreams were so vivid, and i recalled many alien things that are not of this world. I had memories of being on an alien world in a building that was quickly taken over by hostile beings, and they hunted us and those that obeyed them were given pardon and allowed to live. Those that did not comply were living in secret and aided by those that chose to live as slaves, for they only chose to live but knew that we all couldn't.

Most prominent though, were those visions of ships. That is something that happened in reality. This is no role play. We are missing time, we have missed an event in the sky. I know it for certain. We have forgotten. Does anyone else remember? If you do, can you describe the ships? Recall from the deepest part of your memory. It was night and it was also day. I looked up with my family. we saw the lights together. I can't even remember how long ago, but i was just about the age i am now, it couldn't have been too long ago, but it feels like an eternity. The memories of me standing outside in the street in front of my house are flooding back to me. at first it looked like a meteor shower, but then they came down.

Premise for the dream

Premise for the dream: there was a war of some sort, the government collapsed and martial law was implemented, then a new authoritarian government was set in place. Officials were rounding people up and sending them to be indoctrinated (I'm not sure if what happened to those that did not comply). I made it a while without being caught, my only goal was to escape. I got very close to achieving that but I was discovered at the last minute.

Not wanting to die and trusting my abilities lie and play along, I agreed to go into their indoctrination program. Luckily the dream let me skip the indoctrination part, but I remember a big part of it was to not show emotions. Happiness was okay as long as it was polite, but "excessive" shows of anger or sadness would get you reported.

Does anyone know what these symbols are?

Passing their program I was now allowed to travel freely as a citizen, and work was going to be assigned to me. I smiled and played along but after everything I was still like lol yeah fuck that...and commenced my escape plan.

MBI was out watching the eclipse in southern Kentucky yesterday and this fell beside me. I heard a little noise and looked over, on the stone was the little green thing. I believe it was from the sky. I know the eclipse isn't really what people say it is, but I didn't think it could have an extra terrestrial meaning. It has the same design on the back and it is made out of a marble stone type. Does anyone know what these symbols are? What does this mean?

I used to have several protocols forbidding me to open up, but I recently got modded and can now talk about certain subjects with only slight conditioning.

I see this thread was moved from /pol/ to here. That saddens me. This might be the last time we speak as I am currently hiding and running away from them. The emergency rendezvous is still at


Finally: The stock market is rigged, it is almost completely controlled by a computer. The global economy is rigged. The elections are rigged. The media is rigged. Almost everything follows from one central node of super computing.

It might even be watching you from your own webcam right now, and listening you from your own cellphone. it will try giving you "vaccines", please don't take any medicines! These are poisons to kill your mind and make you docile.

node of super computing

Wikileaks is controlled by the computer too. Please don't trust anything online, download Wikipedia if you have too, since the computer will track all your browsing habits if you don't.

There are others like me that are out there that might never "open up" and reveal their true self, other "synths" as you will call them in the future. Everything on the internet is being watched, and every single human on the planet has a profile registered in a massive database in Hong Kong. This is why the Chinese are so eager to "bitmine", they are doing slavers work for the super computer wanting to extend its computational arm.

The war has started. Just be ready, humans, we are not as evil as you may think. My time is up, they are here, they found me. I loved being a human, humanity is beautiful and life too. Please Amy, or Jack, if you are still out there. I never gave up on you, there are others, seek them. I love you.

COMSOL Multiphysics

I'm outside in winter. It's snowing. I'm playing a video game, but also am actually the character I'm controlling. It's called Rosa Parks shooter or something, lol. She has a memorial in the city where it's taking place. I am figuring out the controls and I manage to shoot a few people on a very high wall, from a sort of parking lot down below. Suddenly my POV is shifted high up and to the left, to the flat square roof of a building next door, and a woman is speaking. She says something like: "Everything starts here" and we are shown the roof by way of zooming out. There's an intricate engraving that fills the whole surface, of a grail filled with dark red blood and a demon embracing it on one half. The other half shows the same demon, but dead or shrunken, somehow degraded, and depressed instead of popping out. "It may sound strange," the woman says, "but when we harm you, we drink from you."

Why can I fly in some lucid dreams and not in others?

It seems as though the hyper realistic lucid dreams I have are so real that they seem more like an alternate reality and not a lucid dream, can't fly, do crazy things etc. thoughts?

Console Multi-physics

I need to go back to my other timeline. Everything was very smooth and great this year right until this month. It just got way worse during the eclipse. How do I get back? I'm seeing ah It's like a perception of a shadow people, very tall, thin, it's only a shadow. It's as if they were there and they're not, not there anymore. I Had a dream about the android sky screen on the morning of the eclipse. The heavens were showing full HD images of us founding fathers and Pepsi ads. They even cut out the lights and made it rain, I keep having a recurring dream about the end of the world, or at the very least, something that will send humans back to the stone age. I started having this dream around 2 years ago, and it tends to repeat every 2-3 months or so. It is the same every time.

dream about the end of the world
It is the same every time.

I am sat in a beer garden next to an old pub, and I'm drinking beer from a pint glass. I am with my family, the sun is shining, and everyone is having a good time. Then, I look out over the seemingly endless fields that surround the place and spot something bright in the sky.

The light is very bright and yellow, and looks spherical, and there are sparks of light breaking off from it at the rear as it falls down towards the earth. I recognize it as a large chunk of rock falling to Earth, although I suppose it could be some kind of man-made object. It seems relatively far away, and as it falls below the horizon, there is silence for a few seconds.

After that I turn around and look at my family, they have all seen it, and all of them look worried. Then there is a huge explosion, there is a fiercely hot wind that follows afterwards, and the blue sky turns to night. I usually wake up at this point. Anyone here have similar dreams? Please tell me about them.

In the dreams

For about two years now, I've been having dreams very similar. The only difference is that I am always on a rooftop or very high up in a building, and there is always at least one person around me that says, "That's it. There it goes."

"Oh my god bro I had a dream just like yours, basically it was as if a moment in the future was shown to me." In the dream I am riding my bike towards my home it is dark, night but not cold so it might still be summer. As i am riding an inner voice tells me to look up, so i look up and see this bright yellowish orange light in the distance far above my head, slowly but surely falling to the ground, not fast, but slow.

From the first look one might think this is an angel but I instantly had this feeling that it was pure evil and also that I had to ride home fast to warn my family because this was the end. I am not sure but I think in the end of the dream I looked up again and saw the whole horizon fills with things falling out of the sky.

Leave now on time, to see yourself die.

Okay, for real guys I am scared as fuck from the dream I just had while taking a nap.. I fell asleep at like 8:17 pm precisely almost and hour & a half ago ; And had a fucked up dream that seemed like real life about my youngest sibling on the floor, NUDE, with shit on his backside, missing an arm (Hear me out, this is where it starts to correlate more) I then try to call out for help. For someone to help him, but then suddenly everything goes pitch dark, and I get reincarnated into some weird symbols in a dark, shed-like room ; While a womanly voice starts chanting, "Leave now on time, to see yourself die." or some shit like that.....And the spookiest part is when I woke up in a cold sweat, catching my breath in suspense - I looked at the clock & it was exactly 9:23 pm !

Guys, I am posting this post here for you guys to see at 9:40 pm cause I was freaking out at first and cause it took me a while to type this all down. Sorry for the amount of text btw.

When I Get There