Jess's vitamin & supplements list: (6/11/2023)

(Mostly focusing on cost)

Definately look this stuff up, buy a few books & research, look up optimal values, consult your doctor first)

Alive! HIGH POTENCY (very similar to GNC Mega Men)  (CVS)

AFA - Stem cell activator

Reverse-"engineered" stuff:

Viviscal approximation:  (hair growth)(ignoring proportion)

horsetail extract (Amazon)

silica (Amazon)

biotin (Walmart)

vitamin C (anywhere)

iron (anywhere)

niacin (anywhere)

zinc (anywhere)

calcium (anywhere)

marine collagen (Amazon)

GF9 approximation:  (ignoring proportion)(For HGH (human growth hormone))

2g Glutamine (Walmart/Dollar General)

2g Arginine (Walmart/Dollar General)

2g Lysine (night time)(Walmart/Dollar General)


fermented L-cysteine

Schizonepeta Powder


(NAC) N-Acetl L-Cystiene (Walmart)

Alpha-Lipoic Acid & Carnitine (Walmart)

Gingko Biloba (Walmart/Dollar General)

Night time weight loss: (experimental)

grape seed (Amazon, possibly Walmart)

Tumeric (Walmart, Dollar General)

omega 3 (Walmart, Dollar General)

resveratrol (Amazon, maybe Walmart)

raspberry keytones (Amazon)

curcumin (can be included in/with Tumeric)

ginger (Amazon, probably Walmart)

Magnesium oxide (Walmart, Dollar General)

theanine (Walmart, Amazon)

melissa officinallis

apple cider vinegar (Walmart, Dollar General)




Pregnenolone (Amazon)

DHEA 100mg (Amazon)

CoQ10 + PQQ (Amazon)

Phosphatylserine (Amazon, maybe Walmart)

Liquid Nascent Iodine (Amazon)

What is Carbon 60 - Best C60 Supplement #1 Anti-Aging -