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“How to Acquire, Understand, and Make a Successful Claim on a Commercial Property Insurance Policy: Information Needed for Individuals and Insurance Pros to Deal With Commercial Property Insurance”


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Commerical Property Insurance is a necessity for any person or entity owning a piece of commercial property whether it is small or large, whether it is an office building or a warehouse or a factory.


A property owner – unless exceptionally wealthy – cannot afford the risk of losing that property, what it earns from tenants paying rent or from the product produced at the property.


Commercial property insurance is a specialized form of insurance designed to to protect the owner or lessee of the property from loss due to perils like fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, earthquake, flood, tornado or other risks of loss.


Most commercial property insurance policies are written on a “direct risk of physical loss” or “all risk of physical loss” basis suject to exclusions that are directly related to to the risks faced by the property or some standard exclusions.


This books explains the coverages provided by a commercial property insurance policy, how to acquire a policy of commercial property insurance, what the policy of commercial property insurance insures, how to present a claim, and how to successfully present a claim and collect the funds needed to repair or replace the structure and indemnify the insured against the losses incurred because of the interruption of the business of the insured.


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