New Book: "California Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations 2022"​ Now Available

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Minimum Standards for Adjusting Claims in California

Every Claims Person in California Must Read, Understand, or be Trained About the California Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations by September 1 of Each Year

This newly updated and rewritten book was designed to assist insurance personnel who do business in the state of California with the obligation to apply the Regulations that should be provided to each claims person in your company.

The information needed to properly, efficiently, and fairly resolve insurance claims in full compliance with the requirements of the Regulations so they can understand that the Regulations are merely minimum standards and every insurer requires that the service provided exceeds the requirements of the Regulations.

All insurers doing business in California must comply with the requirements of the Regulations or face the ire of, and attempts at financial punishment from, the CDOI. That punishment was found to be questionable and limited because of one courageous insurer who fought the CDOI and succeeded before an administrative law judge who limited the right to punish. That success, as far as I have been able to determine, has not been emulated.

Reviewing this book, the Regulations and commentary set forth below should be sufficient to comply with the training requirements of the Regulations.

Since the California Regulations appear to be detailed, Draconian, and as or more extensive than similar regulations in other states, understanding and working under the Regulations should suffice in every state.

Similarly, the lawyer representing a policyholder client needs complete knowledge of the Regulations to use them to prove that the insurer failed to fulfill the minimum standards set by the Regulations. Although not evidence of bad faith failure to fulfill the requirements of the Regulations can go a long way to convince a trier of fact (judge or jury) that the insurer did not act fairly and in good faith. Compliance with the Regulations is important to the evaluation of a claim for breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing and evaluation of a claim of damages resulting from the tort of bad faith.

Knowledge of the requirements of the Regulations is important to everyone involved in the business of insurance whether as an insurance adjuster, insurance claims management, public insurance adjuster, policyholder, defense lawyer, insurance coverage lawyer, and policyholder’s lawyer.

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