The Devil’s in The Details

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People who commit insurance fraud as a profession do so because it is easy. It requires no capital investment. The risk is low and the profits are high.

The temptation to do everything outside the law was the downfall of the brothers Karamazov. The brothers had escaped prison in the old Soviet Union by immigrating to the United States. In their hometown of Volgagrad they were well-known to the local police. The brothers had conducted a crime wave in the town since they turned ten. They were involved in burglary, armed robbery, smuggling, drug dealing and prostitution.

To avoid arrest and a long sentence in a Siberian Gulag, the brothers invented a Jewish mother. They were then eligible to leave as victims of religious persecution. Their application for a Visa to the United States as seekers of religious freedom was accepted immediately. The “Save Soviet Jewry” organization, who knew nothing of their criminal background, financed their trip to the United States.

The chance of the insurers ever recovering any of the $80,000,000 to $2.3 billion they admit they stole is minuscule. Whatever remains of the assets they took with then to Mother Russia as well protected in banks in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland.

For the brothers Karamazov, the extent of their greed was their downfall.


This case proved that insurance fraud is easy. Even an immigrant with little or no knowledge of medicine or insurance were able to steal billions of dollars from American insurers and government funded insurance programs. They are resting in a comfortable prison but when they are released and deported they will be able to live like Oligarchs on what they stole from insurers and the U.S. Government.

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