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Studies show that insurance fraud is most often a crime of opportunity rather than serious planning. Honest people, when presenting an insurance claim, often have their moral compass point south rather than true north.

A person who would walk a mile to return $5 in extra change received from a waitress will add $5,000 to an insurance claim without a second thought. A housewife and mother who would beat a child’s bottom raw for stealing a 50-cent candy bar sees nothing wrong with adding $2,500.00 to a claim for smoke damage in her kitchen.

Insurance fraud is easier than working and, often, more profitable. 

The IRC report makes it clear that the professional criminals are 10% of the crime. These professionals should be prosecuted. Only an insurance industry noted for its short-sighted search for instant gratification, would put all its fraud fighting dollars against 10% of the problem and none of its fraud fighting dollars against 90% of the problem.

Funds that have been cut from insurance claims training must be restored, investigative efforts must be accelerated, claims handlers must be encouraged to refer claims to their Special Investigative Units (SIU) rather than to close as many files as possible.

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