That's a good question. Just what is money? Money is an object that people put their faith behind that says, "This object is worth this amount of wealth". This also follows the notion of supply and demand. In grade school, we're all taught about this simple notion.

The more that you have of X object, the less it'll be worth because there's so much of it to go around. The less you have of X object, the more it'll be worth because there'll be less of it to go around.

Say in the world we have 100 pieces of gold, and that's all that we have. But, we have millions, and billions of diamonds. What happens to the market? The gold market would soar, and the diamond market would drop into the floor. Why? There's not enough gold to go around, and there are shitloads of diamonds, so much that everyone can have one. That in a nutshell is supply and demand.

Right now, we have too much US Federal Notes floating around in our economy. This is what's causing our inflation. Add on to that, there's nothing that the US Treasury is doing to stop this from happening. Plus, people are losing faith in the US Dollar, which is causing the US Markets to drop, and our inflation to go up as well.

We also have Russia moving away from using America's Dollar as its reserve currency. What does that mean? Keep your eyes open, the best is yet to come.