Yes, I will now shit on both sides because I can. Because I find it hypocritical that the right complains about the left being hypocritical, but they do the very same things as the left. Jackasses. Again to clarify, I am neither left, right, progressive, communist, socialist, or left or right wing extremist. Below is my top 10 things that they do that are stupid:

  1. Both love to Boycott (this is stupid, it only hurts the employees in the end)
  2. They both raise taxes
  3. They both spend taxpayer money like crazy
  4. They both love war/conflicts
  5. They both love to hate Russia (must be a Freudian thing).
  6. Both sides think Regean won the Cold War.
  7. Both are indeed ignorant of economics.
  8. Both sides think that money grows on trees. (Not even the paper is. It's printed on synthetic paper.)
  9. Both are socialist, regardless if they admit to it or not
  10. Both accuse each other of what they themselves are guilty of!