I never thought I'd be sitting here writing this. Even if it says conservative news, it doesn't mean it's truthful. It just means it's telling you what you want to hear, and nothing of the bad stuff you don't want to hear. It's still biased. That's bad. You want actual news. Never under any circumstance should you trust any news story without verifying it first with your own research. Actually see if you can verify it with FACTS. Especially these days.

Particularly with the Government. I don't care if Jesus is in office, you verify if what he's telling you is true. I've seen so much propaganda lately from all sources, it isn't funny. Old footage being used as new, CGI animations, old pictures being reused... The Dead guy dying twice (this was funny). Question everything.

Never trust anything at face value, those days are long gone.

Editorial note: Yes, I know I'm going to hell.