A Video Explaining the Use of an IME

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Medical examiners have established their own codes of ethics with regard to an IME and are obligated by those codes to report their findings fairly and accurately. The American Board of Independent Medical Examiners has published the following Code of Ethics:

Physicians shall:

   Be honest in all communications.

   Respect the rights of the examinees and other participants, and treat these individuals with dignity and respect.

An independent medical examiner has a contractual relationship with the entity that employs them but no preexisting relationship with the subject of the examination. And this contractual relationship is often independent of, if not adverse to, the subject’s relationship with the examiner’s employer. To impose a categorical duty of care running from the independent medical examiner to the subject would put the examiner in an untenable position, if not create an outright conflict of interest. 


The purpose of your examination is to thoroughly review all relevant facts within your field of expertise so we may determine whether the injuries reported by the claimant captioned above was caused by the accident and, if so, the extent of the injuries so that we may properly evaluate his claim against our insured. We expect your examination to provide the Company with sufficient facts to assist it in its obligation to make a decision with regard to the claim.

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