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#3 Sinabung Volcano, Indonesia

Until recent times, Sinabung didn’t appear to pose a great danger to tourists. For more than four centuries, Indonesia’s imposing volcano had lain quiet and dormant. But in 2010, Sinabung blew its top with devastating consequences.

Since then, the eruptions have hardly stopped. Following a 400-year hiatus, Sinabung is back with a vengeance. Having erupted in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, the dangers here are all too obvious.

Located in North Sumatra, Sinabung inhabits a picturesque land. But it’s best seen from afar, with those who get too close taking their lives in their hands. There are more than 130 active volcanos in Indonesia, but Sinabung presents the greatest risk to life.

Standing 2,460 metres tall, its threat should never be underestimated. When it erupted in June 2019, Sinabung blasted ash almost five miles into the darkening skies above Sumatra. With earthquakes commonplace in the Pacific Basin’s so-called ‘Ring of Fire’, there’s no question that this is a dangerous tourist destination.

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