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#12 Death Valley

Death Valley is a perilous place. Located in eastern California’s barren Mojave Desert, this is a land of extremes. It might beckon the adventurous, but this is not a destination to underestimate.

The greatest threat here comes from the deadly weather conditions. The highest temperature ever recorded in Death Valley was over 57C. Get caught in the scorching desert sun and it could be the end. A few unprepared people die every year here, though if you take precautions the risks can be minimised.

Our tips? Drink plenty of water, don’t hike in the heat and always be prepared for a survival situation. Look out for signs of trouble such as nausea and dizziness and don’t take any chances. The temperature poses the greatest threat, but there are other dangers lurking here too. Look out for rattlesnakes and scorpions, and beware the abandoned mine shafts that can often be difficult to spot.

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