This is not intended to OSRS gold be submitted for any Guide on Sal's. It's really just an idea. It's just a rough sketch. I thought it could help other players if they get annoyed by the way their home "shapes up".

Here's a Template that will assist you in designing the "house of all your dreams". The template was designed by me because I was frustrated with the layout of my home and how messy it was. Because I didn't pay attention to placement when I was creating my POH it was like trying to figure out your way through a maze. I removed all my rooms and made this template to help me in creating the rooms. I have now all my rooms put in the right place and it is a very efficient design.

The idea of the template is, by knowing the right number of doorways each different possible space that the Construction skill provides and being able to visualize it on your computer screen or on paper, you'll find it easier to create a eye-pleasing and efficient design for your POH.

You can download this and then open it in Windows Paint (or comparable program) and manipulate it with your computer. Another option is to print the image and cut the squares. Then you can manipulate them by yourself. Remember, you can be in multiple copies of the rooms, and you might need to cut and paste (or print) more copies of some rooms to cheap RuneScape gold get the desired effect.