It all depends on how comfortable you are aion classic kinah buying grinding. I'm assuming you'll enjoy playing WoW Classic. I was a fan of Aion when I played in 2009, therefore, when they released classic, I'm in for it. It should be thought of more like a game it costs money for and more as a one-time mMO you are paying as a monthly payment to. Don't get the extra daeva pass.

Siel is very popular. I have heard that it is hard to level due to the ganking. It's not that difficult to level on another server. If you're having any issues, feel free to PM me.

This month, I chose to give up the classic. The game is not one to be savaged and the difficulty lies in the sheer volume of bots. It's difficult to enjoy the game with hundreds of bots around you. Goldsellers can be so annoying that NCsoft will not even bother to talk about it.

That's entirely up to you. You'd think I wouldn't be increasing my gathering ability and giving others buffs while I play the Manduri quests even when I'm cheating. You're not responsible for not trusting me. It's not my way, either. But what I'm saying here is 100% accurate. I'm not even using Shugo Console!

Finally, someone told me the reason I was barred. Be aware that running SteelRake and going through the HairPin quest could get you ban if you fail to turn it into multiple times. This is what I was doing with the other players in the LFG group I was in. We would take on mobs, gather our 12 hairpinsand head into the shugo, then turn on the quest. Then, we would go back to Steel Rake and continue on in this manner. This is what I, and almost everyone else would do in 2009 when it first came out. Wasn't aware that this was an exploit?! I have replied to them , asking if this was an exploit or just a false positive at their end. This doesn't seem to be an exploit. However, it is possible that this was intentionally. If so, take care when dealing with the hairpin quest.

This is a bit crazy, there were LFG groups who posted for groups with hairpins. I'd imagine alot those people were banned, but didn't know it was a bug. It wasn't that difficult to make a change to cheap aion classic kinah the game. Instead of having to ban 15 percent of their players why not just make it right? Because I was busy farming ap, I am happy that I did not join any of these groups.