Among the hundreds of color schemes that have appeared on Nike Dunk Low in the past 36 years, pink and redo color schemes have always been reserved for Valentine's Day or spring. However, recently there has been a children-only "pink velvet" iteration that proposes the color combination for the holiday season mentioned above. Similar to some of the most iconic costumes in the silhouette collection, this pair of newly launched shoes features a "colorless" design at the bottom, which allows the overlapping parts of the upper part of the shoe to revel in the spotlight. The outsole deviates slightly from the rose shade, but further contributes to the style suitable for spring.

New Release Yeezy influence goes far beyond the basketball field and was recently cultivated in Los Angeles. In addition to "Space Jam: A New Legacy" (Space Jam: A New Legacy) culminating on the big screen, the Ohioan’s purple and gold combination encourages people to imitate the Nike SB Nyjah 2 theme. The owner of this sneaker, Nyjah Huston (Nyjah Huston) was not born in Southern California, but he fully understands the importance of this place to skateboarding, and skateboarding has given him so much. In this regard, he adopted the iconic uniform colors of the Los Angeles Lakers and dispersed them into his latest Nike sb background silhouette. Side swishes and branding alternate these tones between tongue and heel. And James' now outdated "23" jersey number is embroidered on his outer heel. Unlike other designs that use the team's color scheme, Houston's latest sneakers also carry the NBA logo, which shows that this pair of sneakers is prepared for the upcoming 75th anniversary celebration of the team.

New Jordan has consistently designed designs for different cities in the United States. Swoosh's next destination is Mexico City because it adds Nike Blazer Mid to the upcoming "Lucha Libre" package. Unlike the lace protective suit worn by Nike Air Force 1 when entering the boxing ring, which mimics the mask worn in sports events, this sports jacket is worn in a less obvious way. Close to the subject of Lucha Libre. Its sporty emerald green nylon upper and satin surface can allude to Lucado in masks or costumes. The foundation of the jewellery tone is to match the snakeskin lace to cover the entire model. The golden silhouette of Swooshes and the brand further embrace the excitement of Mexican professional wrestling on the heel. The velvet padding and black sole unit continue to add a premium look and feel to the design. The cursive "Lucha Libre" text printed on the insole completes the style of a special edition to pay homage to Mexico City's most exciting cultural traditions.