However, it does have one negative side. The series has been stricken by violent microtransactions in recent times which has resulted in the series' poor standing and some of the lowest Metacritic user scores 2k22 mt. This all started in the 20th century, however, in the case of some of the recent NBA 2K games are anything to be believed, it seems likely to keep going for the next few years.

NBA Playgrounds was designed to be like other basketball arcade games like NBA Jam and NBA Streets. It features a roster that includes past and present NBA stars. The player is required to fill the roster with these stars through various packs included in the game, which come from the various game modes that are available in NBA Playgrounds. The game's release received mixed reviews, and was criticized for the inability to play the single-player mode, and also for weak drops from pack of cards.

NBA Playgrounds got a sequel after it had a gradual rise in sales. The game was released in the year 2018 after the delay of a long time, it played very similarly to the first title with a few tweaks and improvements. There were many improvements, including improved online matchmaking and new playground options. Despite the numerous improvements and additions, the game was widely criticized for its excessive microtransactions which are quickly becoming a hallmark of the latest games for sports.

NBA 2K20 is a new installment in the NBA 2K series. It offers many customizable settings that can be customized to different game modes. For instance the game provides players the option of creating six teams for expansion in the game modes of MyLeague and MyGM. These teams can also be relocated whenever the player wishes. This series also includes the first appearance of the WNBA teams cheap Nba 2k22 Mt. NBA 2K20 was heavily criticised for its excessive microtransactions in the MyTeam game mode.