A coil-type evaporator is the evaporation coil, also known as the cooling coil or tube, the seller of Evaporator Coils For Sale makes it widely used in small cold storage. The evaporator coil directly exchanges heat with the air outside the tube, and the air performs natural convection by the temperature difference. However, when some cold storages use evaporative coils, in order to increase the intensity of convection heat transfer and make the temperature of the cold storage more uniform, a circulating fan is installed in the cold storage or a hanging air cooler is directly used to increase the air convection in the storage.
Commonly used evaporating coils are smooth tubes or finned tubes. Ammonia refrigeration devices use steel pipes to wind fins, and Freon refrigeration devices mostly use copper pipes to wind fins or sleeves. According to the specific conditions of the cold storage, the evaporating coil has two types of installation: top coil and wall coil. Generally, wall coils are used in the cold room of cold storage. Except for a very small number of ammonia refrigeration devices that use vertical tubes, they all use horizontal serpentine wall coils with simple structure and easy installation and maintenance. In order to make the lubricating oil carried by the refrigerant in the coil return to the compressor smoothly, it is generally necessary to enter the liquid from the upper part of the coil and return the air from the lower part. You can
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