I can't believe what I am seeing... France's leader comes out saying that people must get the vax or else they basically can't leave their house, or they will be jailed. France ERUPTS into protests over this... and yet, there are people here in these United States actually cheering for the French government and against the protesters?!?!
WTF Twilight zone have I woken up and stepped off of a spaceship into, where the free people of the US are ok with a government forcing medical procedures on their entire population, and demanding to see their papers to leave their house or go grocery shopping?!
And then yall wonder, "How could people in Nazi Germany have possibly just gone along with what their government was doing?"
IDIOTS - THIS IS HOW! What those of you who are OK with lockdowns, vaccine passports, censorship and propaganda are doing to the rest of us - THAT is how that shit happens!! Read a goddamned history book!
Pardon me, but I'm done being polite about this now. I've reasoned, debated, tried to explain gently what is happening here... Now it's time to wake the F* up before you end up on the wrong side of history. It's that simple.
Even if the people who don't want the vaccine are wrong, having governments set this kind of precedent and create this kind of divisiveness among the people has the potential to blow up in everyone's face and be more disastrous than 1000 coronaviruses, and in a million different ways.
And if push ever were to come to full shove over the issue here in the states (or anywhere else for that matter,) who do you think will fight harder? The people who are willing to stand up to the freaking government, or the people who are too scared of a flu to leave their homes?
I sincerely hope it would never even reach that point... I can't even believe it's gone this far already... and keeping it from going there hinges on rather or not you people are willing to step up and realize why what you are supporting is dangerous and wrong!
And I'll tell you this... If it ever did come to that.. you all better hope and pray that the people standing up for human rights and civil liberties over fear and tyranny prevail... cause if they don't, then you will have nothing and no one left in this world who is willing to stand between you and a totalitarian dictatorship that has pulled out all of it's stops... 
Maybe then you'd see what the rest of us have been trying to warn you about  this whole time...?
Maybe, maybe not... Maybe when someone asks how you could be part of such a thing, you'll reply, "I was just following orders."