Apparently, Pelosi doesn't want any republicans on her Jan 6th investigative committee, so the Republicans are talking about doing their own investigation. Good, I say.... because the way I see it, by not listening to the outcries from tens of millions of people to hold a fair transparent audit into the election, and even smearing, belittling and attacking those who voiced their suspicions, they provoked the 6th every bit as much as they accuse Trump of.
All they had to do was allow a neutral party to hold a fair and transparent audit, which shouldn't be a big deal if they are so sure that they won, but instead, they attack and belittle roughly half of the population of the entire country while doing nothing to address their initial concerns - quite the opposite, in fact.
Now they wanna form an investigative committee, but not to address the initial concerns of the people over the election suspicions, but to further demonize and alienate them?
Regardless of what you think about the 6th, or the election, the fact is that tens of millions of people all over the country called for their suspicions to be answered, and as a government employee, it's your goddamned job to listen to the outcries of tens of millions of Americans. Instead, they aggressively refused to even acknowledge those concers... so to think that the democrats had no part in the blame for what happened is absolutely tone def.
Even now, the democrats expend tons more effort and resources in trying to thwart the ongoing election audit efforts than it would have taken to just hold the damned audit in the first place, which would have made the people feel like their voices and concerns were heard, and would have likely kept the entire Jan 6th protest/riot from happening at all in the first place.
When THAT MANY people are calling out their government to act, and their government instead attacks and belittles them for it while doing everything in their power to make certain that the people's efforts to find answers for their suspicions are never fulfilled, how exactly would you expect that to go?
The democrats could have kept this from happening very easily, but instead, they did everything opposite of what they could have done to ease the tensions and cool things off, and now, they wanna demonize those who weren't happy about it while taking ZERO responsibility for their part in what led up to it? All of that while continuing to obstruct the audit efforts instead of cooperating to ease suspicions and reach a mutual understanding?
Even a court case over a common street fight will look to see if the fight was intentionally provoked by one side or the other.... and given how brazenly the democrats dismissed the call to action by roughly half of the entire country, I think that the Republicans should have their investigation and focus it on just that:
"What part in the events of the 6th and leading up to the 6th were directly the result of the democrats failure to do their job and listen to the people of this country? What could the democrats have done to avoid esceaating things to that point, but either due to incompetence or deliberately, they refused to do? Most importantly, WHY did they refuse to do it?"
I think a line of investigation in that direction would turn up some rather interesting things... Especially with the audit results from Maricopa County getting ready to come out any minute now...
In short, for the democrats to accept no responsibility for what happened at all, and continue to alienate those who were out there protesting peacefully for a cause that they felt was of utmost importance, is kind of like walking right up to Mike Tyson, pissing on his shoes, then accepting no blame for the fact that he then knocks your ass out!