Take the path to the summit by climbing up the OSRS gold ladder near the temple. There you will find Lucien attempting to achieve godhood by stealing Seren's power. He will then start to appear quite stunned. He will soon realize his own strength has been diminished by combining Armadyl’s power to his own, as Armadyl is evil, and Armadyl is good. Lucine will not believe it until he is down on his knees. Contemplating that he must remove the staff of Armadyl, he talks to you"Fine. You're welcome! But first, you must give me your word that you will let me walk.

There's always another method of getting strength. It's not a problem. When this power is gone I'm able to cause some destruction.... Okay. I'm adamant. You may walk away if provide me with the staff. We have reached an agreement. Catch. (Lucien throws the staff of Armadyl towards you, however, a Dragonkin called Kinress Nesazi comes in and takes it away before it can get back to you.) Is that it? Lucien, how useful were you! But no more.

Hreidmar is caught by Zanik, who then teleports to Arposandra. Brimstail, who has learned how to hurt his enemies, flees from Glouphrie. The battle is only just beginning, but for the moment....  Lucien's Amulet (which isn't able to be worn) Access to Arposandra and the ability to enter a Dragonkin lair. Lucien's Amulet - go to the Runestone Reverser at the Runecrafting Guild and use the amulet. You can gain 120K experience in any skill 4 times using it.

Arposandra Go through the Sewer Dungeon. You will be able to battle Glouphrie in the temple. He can only be harmed by magical attacks, and at certain points, he'll become invincible until you harm his body with a summoning familiar. Once his health has gone, he will vanish into thin air, leaving some treasures behind and then the area will fill with dark energy. Every second, Glouphrie will take 2 damage until he respawns.

Dragonkin Lair: A brand new Fairy Ring will be available, this time in Brimstail’s Cave. It will take you to a place in which Adamant Dragons are just like those from before. There are two ways to go. The first takes you to a cave with Wyverns at level 120. They breathe elemental breath like cheap RS gold their skeletal cousins. They are not as strong against Ice Magic, strong against every other kind. The other path leads to some level 398 Adamant Dragons.