With growing concerns about man-made ecological disasters or the impact ofasteroid Research on how life on Earth responds to major environmental, ecological and evolutionary changes. For example, how will mass extinctions in the past affect geology? These matters are important to a greater understanding of the resilience of life on Earth,
recently, researchers at Curtin University in Australia reported studyingmicrobesthat live in the rock deep beneath it. The site of an asteroid crash that wiped out dinosaurs from Earth 66 million years ago. This is called the Meteorite Basin or Chicxulub Basin in Mexico, researchers said. Gene sequencing, cell count and incubation period were tested. To study microbial communities and find that geological deformation caused by the impact 66 million years ago still created life beneath the basin. The impact of ancient collisions still influences the types of microorganisms found today.
Researchers believe that about 1 million years after the collision The basin formed by the collision has cooled to a temperature low enough for microbes to revive. and evolved separately from life on the surface of the Earth over the past 65 million years, so this discovery provides insights into microbial life in extreme environments and the recovery of microscopic organisms from events. violent, such as an asteroid collision.

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