The first step in the process of reborning a doll is to acquire a vinyl doll or a DIY vinyl model. In case you get a doll, be sure to separate her limbs first and then immerse them in warm water to prepare them before the painting process.which comes with a head and limbs that are ready to be painted.
It is crucial, at this stage, that you decide on the size of your reborn baby, and plan accordingly. A reborn baby doll Kit will be around 22 inches long once completed, but you might want to choose a different size based on your requirements.
Once you have the various parts of the baby prepped and ready, you must then decide on the race of the baby. The paint which is to be used will depend on the race, and it should be used in such a way that the skin of the reborn baby looks realistic. Make sure that the skin color suits the baby well.

The most commonly used method is to root mohair into the scalp of the baby, using drill bits or felting needles on the head of the baby. This is a very slow and time-consuming process since you'll have to insert every strand of hair individually, but the sheer beauty of the end results make it worth the time you spend.
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