Sushi, orange juice ... and more things that you think are safe for your health but in reality it is not. We tell you

There are foods that we think are healthy when in fact they are not. In fact, there are many that we eat normally thinking that they are good for us and are exactly the same ones that nutritionists never eat.

Most healthy-looking foods are loaded with sugar, and consuming too much of this white powder is not only bad for your figure, but also for your health, as it can lead to liver and heart disease and type 2 diabetes, as revealed in a scientific review of more than 8,000 studies on the subject.

Foods you think are healthy but loaded with sugar

Sugar is necessary for our brain and to carry out different vital functions, but an excess is harmful. Still, most of us eat more sugar than we should. In this regard, the World Health Organization recommends a maximum of 25 grams (or six teaspoons) per day to adults, when we are ingesting an average of 19 teaspoons per day, that is, three times more than what would be healthy.

Consuming too much sugar is not only bad for your figure, but also for your health, as it can cause liver and heart disease and type 2 diabetes

To get you out of the mess and help you once again eat healthy and as light as possible –no one likes extra kilos–, we tell you which foods and foods you think are healthy but have too much sugar:

1) Yogurt

Natural yogurts are back in fashion, and 'light' too. The problem is that those that are low in fat are usually very high in sugar. In fact, there are them with up to 29 grams of sugar but they are "low in fat".

Be careful, they are not all the same, so you must be careful and read the nutritional composition label well. Theirs is that it does not contain more than 20 grams of this substance.

2) Granola

Granola is very healthy but it is loaded with sugar, especially the varieties that have dried fruits and dried fruit. Half a cup of granola has no less than 12 grams, that is, half of the recommended daily amount. Careful, reader.

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3) Fruit juices

Fruit juices are a sugar bomb, very healthy, yes, but also caloric. According to Harvard University, a glass of orange juice contains 10 teaspoons of sugar, the same as a can of soda. As we always tell you, eat whole fruit better and stop juicing.

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4) Beer without alcohol

A non-alcoholic beer seems healthier than the common option, but the truth is that a single beer can contain two or three sugar cubes, as it is added to improve the flavor.

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5) Tomato sauce

It seems harmless to add a teaspoon of ketchup or tomato sauce to our food, but the truth is that this tiny portion contains no less than a teaspoon of sugar. That is, if you add about three teaspoons of tomato sauce it would be the same as if you took three sugar cubes at point-blank range.

6) Sushi

The sushi appears healthy, but actually each tiny piece can contain up to medium sugar cube. So if you take ten, you would be eating five tablespoons of sugar ...

Be careful, all this does not mean that you should stop eating these foods or take sugar, but it is important that you have all the necessary information to eat wisely. The foods on this list, better from time to time.

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