Generally, the garden machinery that we all know refers to chain saws, edge cutters, trimmers, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, lawnmowers, high branch machines, leaf suction machines, lawnmowers, lawn trimmers, etc. for landscaping, Machinery and equipment for garden construction and garden maintenance. Garden machinery is a general term. Actually, the following types of machines are mainly used in this industry: lawnmowers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, digging machines, etc. Today, I will mainly introduce you to these kinds of garden machinery in common use.

Lawnmower (brush cutter)

Presumably, lawn mowers are the most familiar type of garden equipment. Lawnmowers are also called brush cutters, lawnmowers, lawnmowers, lawn trimmers, etc. A lawnmower is a mechanical tool used for mowing lawns, vegetation, etc. It is composed of a cutter head, an engine, a walking wheel, a walking mechanism, a blade, a handrail, and a control part. The cutter head is installed on the traveling wheel, the cutter head is equipped with an engine, and the output shaft of the engine is equipped with a blade. The blade uses the high-speed rotation of the engine to increase the speed a lot, saving the weeding worker's working time and reducing a lot of human resources. Therefore, in our lives, we often see gardeners using lawnmowers to mow the lawn. In fact, the existence of large-scale gardens can not only make the environment more beautiful, but also play a role in beautifying the environment, and the lawnmower is just responsible for the garden beautification. It can be called the "landscaping engineer" in the process of landscaping.

Chain saw (chain saw)

A chain saw, also known as a chain saw, is a portable saw powered by a gasoline engine. It is mainly used for logging and lumbering. Its working principle is to cut through the transverse movement of the interlaced L-shaped blades on the saw chain. Chain saws (chain saws) are generally divided into motorized chain saws, non-motorized chain saws and so on. It is a garden machine used to cut trees because many trees have a lot of branches and vines, which sometimes causes other ground vegetation in the garden to not be able to get enough sunlight. At the same time, the excess branches and vines will also touch other trees, which affects the beauty. Therefore, in order to reduce the excess branches and vines, the chain saw comes in handy. Generally, the chain saw with a short guide plate is used for intermittent branch pruning, and the chain saw with a long guide plate is used for felling trees.

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