ZIFL - Volume 25, No. 9

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The May 1, 2021 issue of Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter includes the following articles and a video reporting on the key article about the Examination Under Oath at

The Examination Under Oath is an Important Tool for Every Fraud Investigation

The EUO Is a Serious and Important Part of the Insurer’s Investigation

Other articles include Contrary to the Belief of Lawyers for the Insured, the EUO Is Not an Adversary Proceeding like a Deposition in a Lawsuit.

Insurance Benefits Not Available to Remodel Fixer Upper

Good News From the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

Probation for Insurance Fraud Proves Futile

Health Insurance Fraud Convictions

When You Do the Crime & Only Get Probation it is not Wise to Commit a New Crime

Other Insurance Fraud Convictions

OIG’s Most Wanted Fugitives

When Granted Non-Custodial Probation it is Insulting to Appeal the Conviction

New Books for the Insurance Claims Professionals