Spray gun is a kind of equipment that uses liquid or compressed air to quickly release power. There are two types of spray guns: normal pressure type and pressurized type. The spray gun also has a pressure spray gun, a Karel spray gun, and an automatic recovery spray gun.

The application of spray guns in the industry can be directly loaded with paint, that is, a simple spray gun can be installed in automatic equipment, such as automatic glue spraying machine, automatic glue spreading machine, automatic paint spraying machine, coating machine and other spraying equipment.

Newly purchased spray guns are usually coated with anti-corrosion oil and must be cleaned before use. Remove the nozzle and place it in a cup of diluted material for cleaning. This cup of diluted material can be stored and cleaned after use. When using or reusing diluted materials, the consumption should be minimized, not only to reduce waste but also to avoid environmental pollution. Carefully remove grease and metal debris from the nozzle and other threads.

Put half a cup of warm soapy water in the spray paint cup, then install it on the spray gun and shake it vigorously to clean the paint cup and siphon. Use the spray gun to spray soapy water to clean the internal pipe of the spray gun.

Use nitrocellulose thinner or alcohol to clean dirt that cannot be cleaned with soapy water. When spraying with a spray gun, be sure to wear gloves and respirators, and operate in a well-ventilated place.

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