If users are looking for an easy operating and quick response line measuring tool, it is just a good solution to make use of a 50mW blue line laser module. It is performing good with high quality blue laser light source emission and high linear quality blue line alignment in distance. The genuine use of laser line generator enables freely selected optic lens degree within 10 to 110 degree. When it selects correct glass lens degree and makes proper beam focus adjustment, it achieves the finest blue line indication at great distance perfectly. 
Different Lengths from different fan angles
When line alignment is processing at quite long work distance and hard reaching places, it is nice job to try 50mW blue line laser module. It is projecting moderate brightness blue laser light directly from 445nm blue laser diode. Owing to special use of separate crystal lens within 10 degree to 93 degree, configured with glass window in front of beam aperture, this laser line generator achieves highly straight and fine blue line alignment for both long distance and high lighting occasions perfectly.