I first thought to release this at Pastebin since I thought it's more appropriate, but seeing that big "GLOBAL WARMING" banner on their page's header I don't really wanna to touch that place anymore. Let 'em burn. :)

Okay, guys, so I'm thinking of making a whole game. Call it "Seven Seals - Sealed & Forgotten". Might possibly change the name in future.


An alternative universe. The planet where all the things happen also happens to revolve around the single G2 V star at the distance of 1 AU having an orbital eccentricity of 0.1 (in other words, pretty much like Earth, save the eccentricity), but its geography is vastly different from the Earth's.

Most events will be held in or near the small town I've called "Legnor II". It's surrounded by boreal forest, and only has one (almost untended to) road. The place looks a bit untended to as well, but several hundred people are living there.

Apart from the small town, there are:

- a few places in the forest (I'll think of a better use for them later),
- a big clearing with a few concrete ruins and a well-shut grate leading to something underground,
- Sophie's house that is about four and a half kilometers away from the town,
- a big-ass underground complex stretching far beyond the town and having a large of its portion in the town, as well as
- an old, half-ruined shack half-kilometer away from the city, something that looks like a weather station (Later in the Story section I'll maybe tell what is this thing),


a creepy-looking cliff near a stagnant-looking lake.

Among minor - temporary - locations, there are:

- The unnamed city - the origin of the male protagonist. Will be used in the beginning of the story. For some reason, I think it'll be useful to add that it's a bit closer to the equator and closer to the ocean. (Probably will help designing that thing?)

It'll be more like a normal city than a small town (yet still small), but used only during the introduction level.

- The train, passing some landscapes (Not sure which ones, though) Either will be used duing a cutscene or as a separate level. (No sure how to treat this thing, seriously)

- Endpoint train station Not sure whether it'll be available or not once the protagonist is in the small town, but likely not since I doubt it'll be ever used since final arrival. Because, why?

And probably something else. I don't fuckin' know, really. The whole thing is in draft stage, I didn't even make a single goddamn model or a map yet. Hell, I'm still thinking about the design of those damned characters.

(By the way: to avoid annoying "if-I-do-not-like-what-you-do-then-you're-a-pedo" assholes: EVERY character in this game will be AT LEAST 1000 YEARS OLD. Seriously. Fuck off.)

The characters I've thought of now:

- Custom-named male protagonist.
He doesn't have a "character" to speak of, since his behavior is mostly defined during the gameplay. His traits are also set at the beginning of character formation, so he doesn't have a fixed list of preferences as well.

- His companions:

- Maria, a shy, average-tall, slender girl in glasses.

Maria is usually calm and serious, but she's somewhat shy - particularly around the protagonist. She's fairly good at math/math-related stuff, plus she's fairly knowledgeable in general. Her preferred approach to things: calmly observe it, do not rush before doing anything.

Maria's not good with guns, and really not good at close fight. She's capable with crafting, however, and has a useful ability of noticing things others may miss. She's fairly fearful, and might refuse to do something or start running away in panic when she's scared enough.

Because of her math skills, she's good at solving riddles, as well.

- Sonja, the "bad girl".
The rebel girl, with hot-tempered nature. She doesn't think twice before kicking someone's ass, and often, she doesn't even think once.

Sonja is often being a pain in the ass for the protagonist, bullying him unnecessarily (But there is an option for non-simp players to troll her back and make her real mad :D) and acting out of her stupid whims, often being a problem when it's least desired. Though when actually facing something scary and unfamiliar, she rarely plays cool and shows her fear.
Sonja is a useful member if one needs to have the ability to beat up a suddenly-approaching monster or to pick a lock. She is bad at any intelligence-intensive tasks such as analysis, crafting, or solving riddles; her level of knowledge is poor, as well. So she's more of a specialist in that regard - her brawl/melee skills are Excellent, while everything else is Fair or less (Lockpicking is Good though.)

- Tammy, a shorter but curvier girl. Mia's acquaintance, 1 year older than the protagonist (1018 yo).
She has a rather cheerful personality, and usually brightens the mood for everyone. Despite this, she's a bit of a jarhead, and she's often saying or doing something stupid, sometimes even annoying her group.

Tammy is Suzie's sister, so she's an excellent shooter; but in other affairs, she's poor to fair. She's good at sensing others' mood, so she can feel - to some degree - whether a particular creature is threatening the group or not, or is it simply walking around minding its business.

- Rana, the protagonist's upperclassman. Tall, slender and with glasses. (Yeah, great fuckin' description, I know.)
Rana is calm yet somewhat bossy, loves ordering everyone (including the protagonist) around. She has an overly-high self-esteem, believing she's "always right" and sometimes refusing to accept doubts or criticism. Results in bad consequences often.

Rana is somewhat balanced, sort of a know-it-all but for each particular topic, her knowledge is somewhere around fair or good. As much as she is haunchy, she nevertheless can often figure out the purpose of a device or a construction while others will wonder what's that for.

- Mia, also an upperclassman. Mia's usually acting very, very horny and suggestive; this behavior often brings her at conflicts with Rana, who prefers a more "modest" behavior.
Looks like Mia has a special attitude towards the protagonist, and whenever in group with him, her performance kinda drops a bit because she's very, very aroused. Well... there will be one way to rectify this situation, temporarily ;)

Mia's good at both shooting and melee-fighting, as she is a member of the school's shooting club. (Yes, in this world there IS such a thing). She also has above-average performance in other fields, when her performance is unimpeded. However when she's horny, she doesn't feel that much pain (I think that'll mean increased sturdiness).

- Suzie, Tammy's older sister. 5 years older than the protagonist (1022 yo). Suzie is a bit of survivalist nut and also a somewhat mysterious person. Thanks to her summer house, the protagonist - along with the other girls - has a place to stay.
Being a weirdo, Suzie often behaves strangely, and understanding her sometimes takes a bit of time.

Suzie was living a farmer's life for 16 years, which gave her some considerable crafting skills. Shooting is her favorite pastime; her shooting skills are literally excellent. She isn't great in close-range brawl, though, and she seems to lack some common knowledge.
Sometimes, Suzie can grab something along with her, for no certain reaso - just because. Nobody asks where does she get that stuff, either. Good that nothing disappears from the inventory as she gets something.

Well shit, let's start with the plot.

So there's a bunch of students who are chillin' all through the summer vacation. One guy and five bitches (six if we count in Suzie) sittin' on their asses doin' nothing. At some point in time, though, Suzie came with an idea of going on a trip - the destination location was her summer house in deep-continental boreal forest setting (60°54'32" N 138°12'04" E), and pretty far away from the city they're in. (54°43'12" N 35°46'8" E)
The idea of chillin' in a forest-surrounded shithole for a whole month seemed attractive for some reason, so everyone kinda hopped on. Six girls and the guy gathered some supplies, bought seven train tickets and moved to the summer house located in a subarctic boreal shithole.

(Oh, and the train thing is a reference to a long-running Russian meme, that Russians are traveling long distances - such as from Moscow to Irkutsk for example - by train instead of using planes. So if you've asked "why in the fuck are they traveling such distances by a motherfuckin' train?", I did it just for lulz.)

So, ready for a month of your normie hunting-gathering-sittin'-near-a-campfire recreational activity, they've boarded a train, travelled for, like, two days, and finally, on August 3, night, they've arrived. Since they had no vehicle prepared, they had to walk the whole distance from the damn station to the home by foot.

Well shit, so when they left the train, the night was only starting, but they've arrived really late at night - far beyond the midnight - so they just fell asleep.

The next day, however, while visiting the town for some supplies, the group paid attention to an old, abandoned-looking building with no certain purpose for it. The reason why they've paid attention to it, instead of simply ignoring it like many ordinary men will do, is that they all - except Suzie - are "diggers", or "stalkers", means - they have a hobby - visiting old, abandoned, or simply weird places, scavenging loot from there, exploring them, and, of course, making sure they'll scavenge all the interesting stuff before anyone else does.

So, while they were not going to do any digging, they postponed their ordinary hunting-gathering pastimes, giving their atention to the newly-discovered object.

Chp. 1 pt 1 - Getting in?

The building, albeit on the edge of the town, still is not a place a person can just enter at will.

First of all, a bunch of students tryin' to invade the building will surely look suspicious. As diggers, they've learne to take extra caution in such cases.

Second, there is a fairly high double chainlink fence guardin' the place, the diggers just can't climb through it. No, not like there's razor wire or anything, they just can't get through it, really. Don't fuckin' ask me why, I'm not trying to be realistic, anyway. I'm just makin' up shit.

Anyway, that thing's fenced off, with the gate with a fairly big-ass lock on the being the only known entryway. Well shit, the protagonist can either pick the lock (it'll be one of the easiest, though I'm not sure about the exact numeric values bcuz I've not yet created a fully-functional gameplay, damn) or... shoot the damn thing using Suzie's 10-gauge cannon no, it's a really dumbass idea, you'll just harm everyone with ricocheting pellets. Instead, they'll be using thermite since it's easy to obtain and destroys that damn lock in no time.

Gotta design this damn place more thoroughly in the future. For now, just imagine an empty-ass small yard, roughly 300 sq. m. area, overgrown with grass. One can see several ventilation pipes there, stickin' from the ground a bit, and some sorta booth or whatever. Also, the main entry. Some shit will be randomly scattered in the yard (I'm tellin' ya, I'll think of it in detail later!), and the whole place is overgrown with grass.

Everything inside the yard, starting with the second fence, is rusted to shit, or eroded somehow else. Kinda hints that, even if it's still someone's property, no one will really give a shit.

So the outer main entry is a flimsy fuckin' gate made out of two fairly thin metal sheets nailed to some shitty wooden frames. So they can be dealt with using cutters and a crowbar, or... Sonja's punch. The wood's rotten, so this girl will simply destroy it in few hits and the gates will literally fall apart.

Then, goes a rather tiny room, and... well shit, now there's some bad-ass looking gate made out of solid steel, few dozen cm's thick. I really wanted to say there is a "hydraulic lock" but my useful knowledge of physics isn't excellent, so I won't show off saying shit that might be dumb as fuck and just say that they're locked using magical fairy dust. :)

Anyway, that damned dust requires an assload of energy to let the gates open. So that booth outside happens to host a reserve generator that STILL fuckin' works despite being just as old as pretty much everything here, it only needs some fuel or somethin'. Well, the fuel is basically a mixture of ethyl alcohol and kerosene, (This is mostly bullshit, but again, I'm not doing realistic stuff, I'm just mixin' cool-sounding stuff and making it into a story. LOL) Suzie has lots of ethyl alcohol at her place (no... she's not that such a hard-drinking person. She simply has a generator that works using ethyl alcohol and gives off lots of electricity.). And there's lots of spare kerosene.

So they've managed to start up the generator, then opened the door, and... There's a long-ass wide-ass tunnel down. It's lit using crappy light bulbs that flicker a lot and barely give off enough light to light up this tunnel somewhat. Creepy.

Well shit, there's another gate like this. Good thing it's powered using the same goddamn generator.

So the group goes further into the darkness...

Chp. 1 pt 2 - Dark, Dark Halls

So they're in some sorta underground complex that looks really really abandoned! Cool. The protagonist now really has a chance to explore LOTS of shit, gather tons of salvaged stuff, and claim this fuckin' treasure-trove of mysteries! The downside, however, is that no one really comes to help if shit really hits the fan... But who cares. The protagonist and his girls, they're all looking for adventures, so it's fine to get into an abandoned complex with no sign of activity.

But... hey, it's fuckin' dark out there. What, you thought a few dozen liters of kerosene and ethyl alcohol will really power this facility? Nah, this is just a spare generator to power the most critical parts.

Sooo... the group's going to find a way to REALLY power up this whole fuckin' place, if there's any. After all it's a big fuckin' place - three levels available just now.

Most of the doors are locked, most of them using magnetic locks (AFAIK these can work without electricity, actually. If not, then there's the inexhaustible supply of the same magical dust, who cares.), so not much exploration can be done in the dark.

The place is empty and lifeless. Well, there are insects and maggots because this thing will look much creepier with those insects and maggots, but aside from that, nothin' happens down there. A big, really big and dark complex that smells somewhat unpleasant, with occasional insects. Just like an average woman's pussy.

The first and second levels are just a bunch of some rooms with various equipment, who the fuck knows what is this crap. One can look inside them using a flashlight, but the glass separating the interior of those rooms and the corridor appears to be bullet-proof, for some reason. The main reason is to make the protagonist go down all the way to the third sub-level, tamper with the strange generator there, and power up the whole place at once. But 'm trying to make it look more natural, so let's say the protagonist wondered if that's a measure to prevent the damage to those within these rooms in case an accident happens in that corridor... and one girl supposed it's probably to keep whatever could be in those rooms from emerge outside?.. Hey, but this one sounds cool. Kinda tension-building, if said with the right intonation. :)

Anyways, there will be a few rooms which are not magnetic-locked and thus can be explored (if someone manages to crack the lock...). But there's not much useful shit so exploring them isn't essential for story, so - fuck them for now.

The door to the Generator Room is a massive one, and it looks like the Generator Room has no windows, unlike most other rooms. Also, unlike in other rooms, there's a section for three portable batteries - well, only one of them is needed to open/close the door. The batteries can be found in one of those rooms, brought from Suzie's, OR bought at the shop in the town. (By the way, one can find about four shitty Halvanoids in those non-magnetic-locked rooms. One Halvanoid will allow for this door to be opened/closed twenty times.)

So, the Generator Room is an odd-looking cylinder room with arching ceiling and nine walls; in the center of it is a creepy-looking installation that is said to be the "M-3 Perpetual Particle Generator". To turn it on, one needs to pull the right levers in the right sequence - well, the generator will have six cylinders stickin' out of it, and the goal will be to put them all inside. Problem is, when you pull a lever, some of the cylinders might go in, others might be pushed out ;) Don't even ask me what does it represent. It's just for the sake of making a puzzle, really.

Sooooo once the cylinders are n, this "Perpetual Particle Generator" will launch with some sci-fi sounds, and the lights will turn on. Also, the magnetic-locked rooms all will become available.

Let's not discuss each and every room in detail now, huh? First, it'll be too much spoiling. Second, I don't know the complete design myself. ;)

The protagonist notices the fact that there's an armory on the first, second, and third floors. It contains a lot - really, a lot - of various guns, both the familiar yeet-cannons and the unfamiliar devices no one in the protagonist's group can use without proper documentation. (It's mostly to not overpower the protagonist early in the game, but... Think about it. So you suddenly find a strange device with some buttons and other interfaces on it, you don't really know what does it do, and you don't really know if you'll stay alive if you push this button, or tap this icon. Would you really be able to grab it and use like a normal gun, like that guy in Prey does? ;)

The med-lab will be on the level two; it'll look quite advanced, but it'll come with an instruction - so the protagonist and his companions can patch themselves right away when necessary.

Also, there will be a crafting room on the third level - allowing the crafty individuals to craft useful things using various materials.

Well... shit. Next comes that big-ass steel gate at the end of the corridor on 3rd level. To progress further, the protagonist needs to pull the red lever on the wall, near the gate...

Chp. 1 pt 3 - Think you Need to Lift the Barrier?

...But at first, the gate will refuse to open. There'll be a loud, nasty "beep", after which the lever will go to its original position. Yup. It'll just flip back. Because this surely looks cool, though a bit unrealistic.

Looking everywhere around, the protagonist finds out that the gates were overridden from the Safety Grid, which is basically a metal plate with a 5x5 grid made of some sorta sockets, designed for something to be put in. That "something" is a bunch of square prism-looking things which the protagonist needs to put into that mesh in a strictly given order. Otherwise, the gates won't open no matter what.

There are 11 prism-looking things in total, and one needs to put them in a certain pattern. That's where the old & half-ruined shack comes in handy.

Though it is very, very fucked up above ground, there's a grate leading to the basement. The lock can be simply broken as it's rusted through, so all the protagonist needs to do is to find the grate.
Once inside, the protagonist finds the emergency combination for the grid (If looking carefully) and some more loot. I'll think about which loot later.

Or... just try pokin' around with those prisms until you get a right combination. The total amount of possible combinations is z!/(x!*y!) where z is number of grid elements, x is number of prisms and y is number of empty grid elements... in this case it is 25!/(11!*14!) which is 4457400 possible combinations. Good luck ;)

Well, it's not like you're just finding that shack, though. First, there will be a readable note on the grid, "For emergency override - Contact Dr. Rita Malinsky". Of course the protagonist needs to do some digging through the files to find out who the fuck is "Rita Malinsky". Then, finding her address, "Million-Age St. 69", everyone heads out to look for it...

...but hey, there's no such thing as building number 69, as this damned street has only 24 buildings. So there'll be quite some time before somebody guesses that walking straight in the direction of that street (Leading to a dead-end in the forested place BTW) will probably lead them to that house number 69. Well, if you're to ask me how can there be a houe number 69 while there are only 24 houses... I don't know and I don't give a fuck.

Oh, and taking a weapon here is a great idea. Since it's fairly deep in the forest, predators might lurk there. These aren't just your normal wolves and bears, either. It's an alternative universe! Damnit!

Well shit, so the correct sequence is entered, then after some click or pshhh or some other sound the lever will function as intended, opening the gate. BUT just before approaching the lever, one of the girls will note that "some really strange sound comes from the other side" (uh-huh, a sound coming right through the 50-centimeter-thick multi-layer composite door made of five layers of various alloys... Man, it looks like I've thought the composition of this door in more detail than the design of the generator room. :( )

Well, anyway. The new part of the story begins after opening of the gate.

Oh, and you might also find out that this part was possibly defunct after some point in Year 1943, while it's Year 2006 in the game at the time the game events take place. I mean, the last document is dated Something 1943 (I'll think about it in detail later though...)

Chp. 2 pt 1 - Just a mineral mine?

Well, shit... after the big composite-alloy gate comes second, comparatively flimsy-looking grated gate, behind which a looooooong ass tunnel is seen. A railroad leads into the depths of this structure; an old-ass minecart stands right behind the gate, and it looks like it's manually-operated.

The gates, which are designed to open with the push of a button, get stuck... Someone in the group makes a remark that "maybe it's fate trying to warn us not to go further?", I know it's a dumbass horror/thriller cliche, but I'll just leave it there nevertheless. Well, whatever there is, it is easily solved by removing a piece of slag that's blocking the way for the gate.

As they open the gate, they feel a warm gust of wind that someone in the group associated with the breath of some animal (Another cliche that's here to stay), but nevertheless, the group boards the minecart and rides into the depths of that tunnel.

There is only one railroad; however, sideways branch off at some point (between the halfway and two-thirds), those branches can only be explored on foot as they have no railways.

(Between the branching and the end of the road there is a room. Not exactly necessary for progressing through the story, but I'll think of putting lots of useful shit there. :>)

Aaaaand... at the end of the road, there is a HUGE ass pitfall. What's noteworthy is that the railroad does not end before the bridge - there was supposed to e a bridge crossing the huge-ass pit, but SOMETHING broke it so there's a huge gap now, more than enough to let the speeding minecart fall down. I mean, if the protagonist doesn't stop the minecart in time he'll be like YEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee...

Anyways, the protagonist can NOT pass the bridge, except for using the sideways. Two sideways on the left side and one on the right; the left ones are closed off - one is sliding down too abruptly and the other is closed off with a fairly thick steel grate; (the steel grate, though, can be removed with the plasma cutter) but the right passage will allow crossing to the other side, leading the protagonist's team to the level above what's on the other side of the bridge.

Though the left passages are all illuminated - well, the illumination on the other side of the grate is weaker but still - the right one is dark as it can be. What's beyond it is dark as fuck, as well.

The "second" level (relative to the area on the other side of what was a decent metal bridge) is a crudely-made place with stone walls, apparently cut out of the stone and left undecorated afterwards. The equipment there, however, is as modern as in the previous part of this place.

There's only one way to the first floor from here, through a rusty-looking steel grate. The steel grate can't be opened because it got rusted. There's an option of cutting through it with a plasma cutter (rather expensive) or using thermite (which can be crafted fairly easily from whatever's in the stash, though it requires going back to the crafting room).

There are only two rooms here, on the second level - the place where yet another backup generator is stored, and some sort of a stash with some useful things. The second level itself is an ellipse-looking corridor with two rooms cut out right in the middle part of it. The generator is powering the door on the 1st floor, as well as devices around there.
The fuel is right there in sufficent quantities, so launching the generator isn't a problem, but after working for a few seconds some components inside of it fail with cool-looking sparks, and everything gets dark again. Fuck.

The door didn't open wide enough for a human to get in, as well. "Fuck", said somebody in the group. Everyone started looking for solutions on how to get there...

There are four rooms on the first level, none of them are magnetically-sealed - all of them are made of metal sheets naild to the wooden frames - but two of them are locked, and one looks slightly open but something's blocking it. And this time Sonja's kicks won't help - the wood hadn't got rotten since it isn't that wet underground. The crowbar and cutters will still do their job, though.

In one of the rooms there'll be a huge-ass rock blocking the path of the door - it can be simply by-passed by jumping across it with no problem. In this room, a powerful piston is located, said to be used to push rocks where human force was clearly not enough.

That piston is powered with batteries - but it takes four Halvanoids to open the doors enough so the group can pass through them. Of course, there's only darkness on the other side...

Chp. 2 pt 2 - Into the Darkness... Again

Since this part, creatures actually start appearing. First, as the protagonist enters this part, everyone in his group start hearing sounds of actual presence of SOMETHING really nearby. I'm not sure where, but adversaries will start appearing from this part on. So locations until this part can be called "safe-space" because there are no monsters, only white people in protagonist's group but I'm not leftist enough to call them monsters - and beyond this point, really unfriendly creatures start appearing.

Well, gotta say, some of them are going to be reeeeeally friendly towards the defeated protagonist... really, reeeeeally friendly... but until that they're going to act like normal ghosts 'n' monsters 'n' spirits 'n' shit from the horrors.

Anyway, the first thing the protagonist's group sees is one really, really big, badass-looking drilling machine. The second thing is a huge chamber in the wall, I mean a really huge one, that seems to be fucked up really badly - the door into this chamber is melted in many places, sewing it shut so it won't be opened anymore, and it seems to be filled with rocks 'n' junk for some reason.

This place starts looking more like some mine now, because it's a set of caverns, with no decorations and some machinery scattered here and there. There are very few creatures, but heey, imagine something like a normal-looking girl which looks just like a normal woman at distance, but once you get closer... and yes, she'll move real, real fast and will be real agile. And you'll meet this in a mine where humans don't even live.

So there are five caverns branching from the main entry. One of them leads to a huge pit with lots, really lots of warning signs, all like "Turn back if you value your life!" or "Don't even think about even entering this cavern!", starting right since the beginning of the branch-tunnel. Road blocks will be randomly placed, as well, and closer to the end of the tunnel, lots of debris will appear lying on the floor. Actually, there's only debris at the end of that tunnel, with the exception of yet another warning sign that's nailed to the wall, warning about the pitfall.
Nevertheless, the only way for the protagonist to really die get caught/fucked up badly is falling into that pit; no large monsters or any threat will appear, not even it'll spawn from behind. Well, actually, there's also a significant chance of a creature wandering there - so yes, there is some chance of encountering something creepy while turning around, intending to leave this branch. But that's not because it's scripted after turning back to leave the tunnel. So it's a matter of being generally careful. :-)

The "main" cavern - the widest one - is fairly long and leads straight to the exit to the next part - the thick metal door with the "MANAGEMENT SECTOR - PROJECT KEYGATE" sign above it. It has a lever on this side, similar to the one that opened the big-ass door in Chp. 1 pt. 3, but this thing will act just like it did back there. Well, there's no electricity, damnit.

To open this door, those portable batteries aren't enough. So the protagonist's got to bring a huge battery, plug it in a special socket, and only then pull the damned lever. What kind of battery? The one that powers these huge-ass drills, surely! ...Only that the drilling machine that's near the entry of this level has no battery. So the protagonist just HAS to explore the caverns to find a working battery.

Also, the battery's hidden in a special section, which is protected by a tough metal cover that is not that easy to remove by force. It requires a special screwdriver to open it, so the protagonist also needs to find that damned screwdriver as well. (It'll be in a tool-box but I'm not entirely sure where to put it.)

Third, not like a battery for a drilling machine comes with cords, huh? Because, why would one need them, using these batteries as sources of reserve energy for opening doors in case of total energy grid failure is not a part of their intended use so a cord for charging these batteries just be also found.

All while evading/fighting the creepy inhabitants of this place! :->

About the remaining three caverns:

One of them will contain a screwed-up drilling machine that probably suffered a rocket strike or something - some parts are blown away, others are badly deformed or melted, and the vehicle has a huge scorch mark. Buuuuut the battery section is surprisingly intact! ;)

There's another pit, but this one looks regular - like the one that drilling machine would dig. Actually, this one isn't as deep as the one with a fuckload of warning signs, falling in it isn't fatal, and yes, it even has a ladder still standing there, to help anyone accidentally falling there to climb out! (Though it's still not recommended to take repeated jumps in.)

Also, there's that chamber in the wall, just like the one at the beginning of the map - it is ruined, as well.

The other cavern contains nothin' but light sources, and a small stream flowin' from the far side of the cavern - but the water flowing out of it looks unusually dark, almost BLACK, just like the lives that do not matter. Yes, this is yet another cliche that's here to stay. It's just black water, though, and not like it spawns hordes of small insects or has a hypnotic effect that compels everyone to get closer and take a drink from that strangely sweet stream... more, mooooore...
Neither the puddle beneath the stream nor the stream itself are dangerous, so a curious protagonist can get closer and soak in it like a damn pig with no effect, lol. But I'll possibly make it into a crafting ingredient for a distraction trap.

And the fifth cavern is an empty-ass small pocket of air with just a few lamps laying on the ground, also a bunch of fairly useful shit can be found there. Probably even some gun.

Well shit, basically finding the battery, the tool box and the cord is the goal. Then, the battery must be placed near the socket, connected via the cord, and then - the door slooooooowly opens... (I feel this will be kinda incomplete without a bunch of frequently-encountered cliches. ;) Though it's not like SUDDENLY A HORDE OF HELLSPAWNS COMING FROM NOWHERE STARTS CHASING THE PROTAGONIST, AND THEN HE ESCAPES THEM IN A PINCH OF TIME, SWIFTLY JERKING THE LEVER ON THE OTHER SIDE WHILE THE DOOR SLOOOOOOOWLY CLOSES AND EVERYONE FREAKS OUT, and the second after it got finally closed THE HELL HORDES ARE BANGING ON IT AND SCREECHING AND HOWLING AND BEING HYSTERICAL AS HELL.

The door doesn't even close, so the protagonist has to deal with any creepy things that'll creep in from the cavern section. Well shit, if you're asking why in the hell can't he just close it, well the energy in that battery isn't unlimited so the protagonist doesn't really want to waste energy to open-close that door multiple times just because someone's a wussie who's afraid of ghosties and cute monstries, only to end up on the other side of the door which is now shut for a long long time because the battery ran out of energy.

So, the room is nothin' but a bunch of shelves and some wooden scaffold or something like that. The shelves contain some useful stuff, and the scaffold... It kinda creates another floor, slightly above the main floor.

There are three doors - one on the main-floor level, two on the scaffold level. The one on the main floor is a flimsy wooden door that's knocked down in no time - it leads to a small room with useful stuff in it. The room on the scaffold-floor on the left is locked, with no visible way to open it from here; and the central room is magnetic-locked, aaaaand THIS time it requires a special emblem to be inserted in the slot near the door handle. Along with the battery that needs to be inserted in the battery slot usual for such doors.

That means that, unless a good, real good exploration of a certain place was done... Yup, IT IS TIME TO GET BACK FOR THAT DAMN EMBLEM ;D Just to avoid unwanted consequences I won't disclose the exact location now. :)

(this isn't the end yet. It's just hat I didn't write any more scenario in 2 days.)

A bit about (planned) gameplay:

Basically I think it'll be a three-dimensional-space first person adventure game, with a bit of action. Most likely will make it for Torque engine because 1) I love playing around with various technologies and 2) It has a nice license.

There will be seven main characters (According to the story I think of now), but I don't think it'll be a good idea, to try and gather all seven characters together. Because, in some places, that'll be cumbersome. So either a group of two or three will be possible. Also, that's funnier, since picking the right group will be really a factor. ;)

I think I'll also add personal inventory for every actor in protagonist's group - it'll be a typical X*Y grid where each element takes up exactly one grid space. Yes, both a big-ass gun and a small pill will take exactly one grid space. C'mon, this happened in many popular games, so it's nothing inherently bad. Also, fuck realism.

Something will be stackable. Something will be not. The stack amounts for each item will be variable.

(I'll also lower the size of grid for girls by two, because women are dumb cunts who can't manage inventory there will be a lot of stuff and giving everyone inventories of same grid size will only create a huge ass carrying capacity.)

Now 'bout weapons. I'm planning to make LOTS of them, and their operation will be different from each other. I mean, some will have recoil while others will not; some will overheat after some time being used, some might even hurt a careless user, or have another effect...

I also think that an exclusively one-way operation system (You have exactly ONE firing mode/style for each gun) is a bit boring. You know there's a series of games called Unreal Tournament? Guns here have two ways of shooting. For example, a pulse gun can yeet slow-moving energy bolts or a beam of plasma with limited range, depending on whether the primary or the alt-fire is used.
I think of implementing something like that. A fire command and a switch-mode command. So when the Fire command is used, first the mode variable is checked and then an according sequence is called.

For example, the LMB for firing, the RMB for aiming, the MMB for changing firemode. What? Use crosshairs instead of aiming button? Fuck crosshairs... for now.

The A.I. (companions) will also need some decision-making mechanism capable of determining which mode to use and when.

Thinking of adding a crafting system, as well. Yeah, that's why I've mentioned a "crafting room" in the story - instead of giving the protagonist some magical capability to create miracles using only nearby sticks, stones and random scrap from inventory, there'll be a special room with equipment needed to create stuff using other stuff.

Some devices will be added here and there, which also transform some kinds of stuff into other. These can not used for crafting directly, instead they're used to get an intermediate product - something like, say, rock dust or metal tubes - and then, these intermedate products will be hauled to the crafting station, where they FINALLY will be made into whatever's needed. Splendid, uh?

I think a skill system will also be a thing. With all that crafting, lockpicking, trap-crafting and shit, a skill system which'll manage the efficiency of those tasks might have a positive effect on the gameplay.

The skills I've thought of now are:

  • Shooting skill. Will govern the shooting. Accuracy, handling, reload times, that shit.
  • Lock picking. A non-violent alternative to kicking the doors down. Intended to work on mechanical, not magnetic, locks.
    The offer is: the ability to crack each lock will be determined by comparing the pawn's lockpicking skill to the lock's complexity range. If the pawn's skill is BELOW the complexity range, it won't be picked; if WITHIN the range, thre will be some sort of a minigame to pick that thing; otherwise the lock gets picked.
  • Crafting skill. A number that's compared against an item's requirement to craft. Can craft it only if the skill's above the requirement.
  • Trap-making. The ability to create a trap. Gotta think on it a little more. Whether it'll be the ability to place a trap in a certain place, or the ability to create an efficient trap without the damn crafting bench - I'm not sure.
  • Melee skill. Fighting without a weapon or using some junk or melee weapons.
  • Puzzle-solving.Whether a pawn can solve a puzzle. If below the puzzle complexity, then no - otherwise, another mini-game will be brought up.
  • General knowledge. For tampering with various mechanisms. If it is below a mechanism's complexity, it cannot be used at all.

Skills can be upgraded using two ways:

- Through the use of special artifacts (maybe they'll simply be books?..). Usage of an artifact will upgrade a certain skill. This is the only way to upgrade a skill for a girl.
Each artifact will only upgrade a certain skill.

- Through experience. I don't know what will it exactly look like, though. This is only available to the protagonist because girls are way too stupid to learn the protagonist will have some unique, additional skills. Learning through experience will help reduce the skill disbalance then.



And... I think I'm going to keep the amount of monsters really low, while trying to keep the game entertaining. You see... Hordes of monsters are usually not creepy at all - especially if the protagonist has guns. I mean, when the player will often encounter lots of monsters, won't be really creeped out. It'll be like, "Oh, just another bunch of motherfuckin' creeps from who-knows-where", right before clicking the LMB and killing another bunch of monsters.

When monsters are plentiful in a game, the player simply gets used to it. While walking through a map, the player's ready to encounter an assload of them at anytime, so the mood is more like battle-ready than tense - in other words, the player's thoughts are usually not "hey, this place makes me feel uneasy..." but "hey, where are you, busters? Come at me, I've got a yeet-yeet cannon!"

I mean, once the monsters start showing up on regular basis and in huge amount, the player goes from tension to murderous intent. Uncertainty and prolonged alertness are gone; the player, instead of wondering if there will be monsters, and what kinds of them will be if they will be at all, and what to expect from them, and where they might come from - instead of thinking about such stuff, the player simply thinks things like, "Oh, a dark hole. Probably another bunch of those oversized infected-looking rats will come outta here if I overlook this place. Here, take a motherfuckin' grenade! Assholes!"

That's why I want to keep the amount of actual entities low - preferably with the possibility of encountering none at all if being careful. This way, the player is more likely to think things like, "Is there anything in that hole? Should I shoot grenades there? What if there's nothing, but if I shoot a grenade there, lots of horrible creatures will swarm me, coming to the sound? Are there actually any monsters? Do they even exist?", and to be more alert during the gameplay.

And the other problem that comes with such games is: lack of uncertainty AFTER meeting a monster. I mean, the first encounter might be creepy, but if you see the same monster twice, three, four times... and if you manage to defeat it, well, it's not creepy at all. Because, the more times you see that thing, the more you learn about it and therefore, the less scary it is.

Well if the monster/entity is known to be a tricky one - say, it's a psycho maniac that is out for your blood - this can still be thrilling, since the maniac's behavior is too unpredictable. Even though you know it's a human, and you know how to kill a human, you don't really know where is that human now, or what's he plotting. But you know you've spotted someone real real suspicious in your area, so you're scared. What if he comes outta the next corner? What if he is ALREADY in your house? Things like that.

So... first off, no unnecessary hordes of monsters. Instead of swarming the protagonist in bulk after entering some creepy-ass vault, or room, or whatever is there in game, it'll be wise to keep some uncertainty.
Second, monsters should be difficult to kill. Difficult to generate a tactic against, and if there IS a tactic, it should be inefficient enough to always have a chance for the monster to retaliate and hurt the protagonist's group a lot.

Third, I think it'll be cool to make it so the monsters will not appear in certain quantities and/or locations all the time. I mean, in many action/adventure/stealth games, pawns are either directly placed via editor to certain coordinates, or programmed to spawn using a spawner, usually with fixed amount and types of monsters set, in certain coordinates or sets of coordinates. I mean, the player, entering a part of map, can already expect, let's say, ten spiders to crawl outta the holes in the walls, a bat swarm to fly off the ceiling, and a werewolf to crawl from that large pit.
So after careful examination of a location, the player can say, "whoa, there are three monsters in that map, I'll go get an appropriate gun and armor and smoke them out then advance further", get back to the room full of guns and gear, and fuck things up like a boss. Instead, let's say, it is uncertain whether the monsters will even be there, and if they will, which ones? Where? In what amounts?
So the protagonist enters a map, sees a lone creep walkin' in one section of it. Carefully exploring the map, the protagonist sees no one else, figures out there's just that creep, gets back to the room full of gear, takes a bolt-action sniper rifle, enters the map... The creep's no longer there, so the protagonist turns around - and right behind them, a menacing horde of creeps of completely different kind stands, with scary look on their... hmm...

Well, you've got the idea. The monsters should have a significant uncertainty of being spawned. That uncertainty itself should vary throughout the game: say, while in one room there's a persisting amount of certain monsters which can be smoked out, the other room might contain various monsters in uncertain locations which may "come and go" as the protagonist visits different locations. Some locations might look particularly creepy but contain nothing; the other one might normally contain nothing, but with a very small probability, something really nasty emerges...