“The Sleeze” A Fictionalized Story of Insurance Fraud

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The Sleaze was not a nice man. He learned the safe way to steal in prison. A Superior Court Judge had sentenced him to two years in state prison for forging his mother’s will.

His cell mate, an armed robber bragged about his successful brother. The brother had found a new career claiming the theft of small pieces of jewelry on homeowners’ policies. Insurance companies always paid, whether he owned the jewelry or not, rather than fight. His cell mate explained how prosecutors had no interest in this type of crime. Insurance companies, fearing punitive damages verdicts would pay even when the claim was fraudulent.

On the surface, the Sleaze was unsuccessful in his fraudulent claims against the insurance company. He placed a lawyer in fear of her life and cost her law firm and the insurer she represented the cost of a body guard. Anyone who believes that insurance fraud is not a violent crime never met the Sleaze.