By liberal perspective, I don't mean that I'm a liberal. But in the age of categorizing others based on their political beliefs, that liberals have made such a strong push for, I find it amazing that they believe that their tactics can't be perceived by us "common folk". That somehow in their world of winning participation trophies and being told that everyone is a winner, they seem to have missed the point about willing to work with others.  So, I've decided to put the shoes on and apply liberal logic and what their vote for Joe Biden did to promote pedophilia and crimes against children. ( Since they are also into lumping big groups of people into one small group so they don't actually come across any knowledge that may counter their own opinons and narratives.) And when you see them in the street, you should do unto others as they have done unto you. (Under liberal logic)


1) Joe Biden has been caught on camera several times touching children inappropriatly. Joe Biden touching children

It doesn't matter who you are. This is just down right creepy. What kid do you know likes to be touched by complete strangers? When is that ever appropriate? One look at this video and it is clear that many of those that have voted for Joe Biden have not seen this video. And if they have, then that must say many things about that person and should be fired from their job immediatley and have all of their social media accounts banned. Joe Biden should also be charged for every account of sexual misconduct against a child due to his speech clearly calling for it. Clearly. No questions asked.

2) His son, Hunter Biden, had pornographic photos of himself and his 14-year-old niece while being under the influence of cocaine. Hunter Biden and 14 year old niece.

     Using my superior brain of liberal logic, it is easy to assume that liberals have no problem with insest. To be sure to not get out liberalized, they have made it appropriate, in their standards, to not only make sure it is appropriate that their brothers can have sex with their daughters, but that it is also appropriate for their brothers to decide when and where. As long as they are of the proper age. (Which is clearly appproved by liberals to be 14 years old) I mean who wouldn't vote for that?

Joe Biden has time and time again been proven to be a scumbag, but it's an alright thing to do as a democrat. Kamala Harris believes Biden accusers

     What a message to send to your children that are sitting and watching you follow this on the news only to see your parents change their tune the minute that Kamala Harris decides that she wants to be VP and takes the side of her job over the victims of this crimes. A vote for Joe Biden was a step backwards for women everywhere. I have never seen a more repulsive display of self-centeredness in my life. Way to send a message to our young women out there. No wonder they will feel like victims. Because no matter what they say it won't matter. No matter how hard they work. Great message to send with supporting the Biden administration. I don't know how you can look your children in the face knowing what you have put your faith into. Way to take your daughters and literally kick them back into the roman age. Good job. Great progress.  

These are only a few pieces of what your vote for Joe Biden has done for our young children. Because of your petty issues about feelings, restricting free speech, ording food from your couch on your fat ass, or where you would like to take a shit in public, just remember what that has costs. It would be a hard thing to prove that many out there typically don't care about issues involving pedophillia, but maybe not. Not only does voting for Joe Biden mean that you supported these outrageous atrocities, but that you also don't care about stopping it anytime soon. Just as long as you can have your fragile egos attached, shove fastfood in your pie hole at lightening pace, and someone give you a pat on the back for participating.