Hell yeah! This business owner lays down the law and explains why he will NEVER hire a filthy liberal!

“This is not because we disagree with their political views.”

I DO! 

“It is because working here requires superior reasoning.”- Liberals have no reasoning.

“Logic.” Again, liberals are not logical.

“Reading comprehension skills.” Well, in libs defense they know how to read the garbage they are fed by the MSM I think.

“We have found that they (libs) make decisions based on their emotions, not logic.”

“This would be very detrimental to our business.”

LMAO! How spot on is this???

Look,I would NEVER hire a liberal for anything including working on my home, automobile or preparing my food.

They are foul.

They are disgusting.

They are worthless.

There is no place for liberals in America.

F liberals.


God Bless.

(h/t Federalist Papers)

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