A large nasopharyngeal swab or culture inserted deep inside the throat or the nose to collect sample of secretions from the uppermost cavity behind the nose, twirling at times to get a good sample, we are aware that it does hurt you and makes you feel uncomfortable which is just what the Chinese Communists want.

But if you really think that this kind of sampling procedure used to test the presence of coronavirus is very painful then think again. Because the Chimcoms have found a unique method, which it claims to be "more effective" in detecting the virus than testing nasal and throat swabs. China is collecting anal swabs yes, you read that right, China wants to see what's inside your ass particularly, of those who are considered to be at high risk of contracting the infection.

A popular social media website has nominated Mark Zuckerberg for leading the charge in anal swab testing. The CEO of the alternative technologies website  asked:

"Why don't we nominate Mark Zuckerberg to be one of the first Americans to get the Chicom anal swab covid test? After all, Zuckerberg has been in the forfront for over four years now and XEPHULA is putting Facebook on the spot and asking Mark Zuckerberg to volunteer for the anal swab test. It's time he steps out of the limelight and starts leading from behind just like President Obama".

The CEO is asking readers who support his idea to sign up for his free speech network here to start holding world leaders in Social Media accountable

Anderson Cooper has also expressed excitement and delight in the new covid-19 testing method asking his doctor, "do we get to lick the stick?"