You know.... 'ya read the news, no matter the source, and 'ya think that there's no reason to think anything is upside down unless it is brought out or exploded in one of those sources.

Sometimes the parties guilty of grave and highly toxic fraud just do not get up and declare themselves to be the dirty, slimy, masses of pus-ridden protoplasm that the facts show them to be.  

Georgia and its election processes are no less than that.  Come read a story that was not open to everyone's view during the recent conflict over the utter lack of electoral integrity that is the State of Georgia.

Even those of us not in the US are aware of the utterly deceptive reputation of Diebold... owned by guess who, the master of deception and violence, that old Nazi, Georgy Soros.  The offhand treatment of anything owned or managed or even touched by Soros should usually be with a flame thrower first and an honest prosecutor next.

no wonder the Okefenokee Swamp is mostly in Georgia...