Many of us for years have noted, when appropriate, how unions are mere methods for stealing money from workers to pay to guys who do nothing for it rather than protect their workers, but pay them to socialise with corporate worms.

Want proof?

OSHA said months ago that wearing these ineffective masks on the job is harmful for police forces... and other workers.. Do you see any, ANY, ANY police unions protesting the masks? Any of them? Canada or USA???? They are bleeding useless and is it not time for them to be removed, abolished, eliminated for they do nothing and steal the money of people who put their lives on the line with zero protection from rapacious and unprincipled employers.

Another story, try this one; they are even lying for the company, not protecting their members from a legitimate body-sovereign decision. WHAT GOOD ARE THESE LEECHES?

...and this author will say nothing about the complete lack of efficaciousness of such "tests" as he has posted that before. But uselessness is reasonable and customary for the State.